How to play Genshin Impact at 60FPS on low-end devices: Complete GeForce NOW guide

Players can use GeForce to play on many devices (Image via Hoyoverse)
Players can use GeForce to play on many devices (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players who want to boost their graphics settings and framerates on lower-end devices will want to try out GeForce NOW.

The service allows players to take advantage of cloud streaming to play the game at max settings with stellar framerates. The only limiting factor is one's internet connection.


Setting up GeForce NOW for Genshin Impact isn't difficult and can be done in just a few steps. All players need to do is download the service, sign up for it, select the game, and begin playing.

This article details the steps that one can follow to play Genshin Impact at 60FPS on low-end devices using GeForce NOW.

Steps to use GeForce NOW and play Genshin Impact at 60FPS on low-end devices

Step 1: Download GeForce NOW

To start, you must first download the GeForce NOW application onto a platform of your choice.

The service is available on PC, iOS, and Android, giving players plenty of choices when it comes to the platforms they can play the game on. Since the game is cloud-streamed, the actual platform or device won't matter, as the settings and performance will be the same.

Before downloading the application, however, you must confirm that the service is available in your area. This will determine whether you need a VPN to access it.

It should be noted that VPNs may lower the quality of gameplay as the service relies on a strong internet connection.

You will need at least 15 Mbps to stream at 720p and 60 FPS and at least 25 Mbps to stream at 1080p and 60 FPS.

Step 2: Sign up for GeForce NOW

After downloading GeForce NOW, you will be prompted to sign up for the service. This is where an important decision should be made.

GeForce NOW is a service that offers tons of different video games, but for the highest graphical and gameplay quality, players will need to pay a monthly fee.

There are three different payment plans that players can choose from. The lowest tier is free and provides a host of restrictions on gameplay time and quality. The $20 tier, on the other hand, offers a ton of great perks and up to eight hours of play.

Luckily for those who only plan on playing Genshin Impact and don't want to pay extra, the free plan more than covers everything they need while providing amazing graphics and framerates.

However, you will have to wait in a queue, so keep this in mind before launching the game.

Step 3: Select Genshin Impact from the library and play it at 60FPS

To launch the game, you must first make sure you have a strong internet connection. You can then select the title from the list of available games.

Since the game is fully cloud-based, you won't need to install it. It will just begin after a short loading period.

As mentioned earlier, those with the free version of GeForce NOW will need to wait in a queue. However, depending on when they load in, the queue may be quite short. Once the game begins, one can log in like normal and begin their adventure.

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