How to play Greg in Squad Busters: Information, stats, strategies and more

Greg in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)
Greg in Squad Busters (Image via SuperCell)

Greg is one of the top characters in Squad Buster that can be unlocked in the game's Green World. Similar to his origin in Hay Day, Greg is a supplier character, whose main duty is to cut trees and find coins to open in-game chests. These coins are then used to build a bigger and more powerful squad combination.

Players should play Greg in such a way that he can continuously cut trees for additional gems and coins. These coins are very crucial for building a strong squad and completing the ultimate goal of every match. The squad that collects the most number of gems or the last squad standing wins the match.

In this article, we will understand more about Greg, his statistics, and the best strategies for this character in Squad Busters.

All you need to know about Greg in Squad Busters

Greg is a Common character, which is categorized under the Supplier category of Squad Busters. He chops trees to find hidden coins which are then used to open coin chests. When opened, these chests provide you with an option to choose the next member of the squad. This way, you can increase the number of characters in the squad. A bigger squad helps in collecting the maximum number of gems and clearing enemy squads to win the match.

Currently, Greg has four abilities, one for all four in-game evolutions:

  • Baby: Starts chopping trees for additional loot
  • Classic: Chops trees twice as fast as the baby evolution
  • Super: Every tree drops more gems and coins
  • Ultra: Trees start dropping hearts to increase squad health

The fusion perk of this supplier character is that it chops trees even faster to collect more coins. This makes Greg a must-have character in any squad combination of Squad Busters. The following are his in-game statistics:

  • Health: 1300
  • Damage: 100
  • Fusion Health: 4550
  • Fusion Damage: 200

Greg also has four skins: the default skin, Nutcracker, Chef, and Hero. He also has multiple emotes for every evolution, featuring eight emotes in total.

Strategies to use Greg

Since Greg is a Supplier character, you should prefer not to use him in both offensive and defensive attacking tactics.

Offensively, he should be used to cut trees and unlock more attacker characters like Archer Queen and Colt. Defensively, he should be used to cut trees for additional coins, after which you can unlock defender or tank characters like Barbarian King and El Primo from the coin chests.

Since Greg's damage and health are not that good, you must avoid using him for early fights. He has excellent squad synergy with Trader and Mortis.

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