Nintendo Switch Sports on Switch Lite: How to play, limitations, and more

The iconic sports game is back in town (Images via Nintendo)
The iconic sports game is back in town (Images via Nintendo)

Nintendo's latest game is the newest installment in the Sports series. It first began on the Wii with the iconic Wii Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports (NSS) is a fun way for players to engage in casual yet competitive fun with friends, family, and other gamers. That, coupled with the fact that it is a great throwback to nostalgic times, means all kinds of players buy the game for one of several Switch console models that are out.

The model of choice wouldn't normally be an issue - that is, unless you own the Switch Lite. The portable unit cannot dock and this causes problems for games that use Joy-Con split controllers for input. Read on for more details.

Nintendo Switch Lite can be used to play Nintendo Switch Sports - but with caveats

Note that NSS uses the Joy-Cons for motion controls. Since Lite lacks Joy-Cons entirely due to being attached to the unit, there are no motion controls. This means NSS cannot be played on Lite by default.

The game will pop up a label that mentions NSS must be played in TV mode to proceed. However, there is a workaround.

Players can use separate Joy-Cons to play the game in Table-top mode (i.e., by setting up the handheld against a kickstand and using separate controllers). This way NSS can be enjoyed on Lite.

However, players are limited to a single player in both online and offline. This is likely due to the small screen size in splitscreen. At least fans can play it in some way, even though it's kind of uncomfortable. Players should note that Switch Pro Controllers are not compatible either.

Fans have expressed discontent at this system earlier as well

The restriction also makes sense due to not just the inclusion of Joy-Cons but also the space required to move around in. Given the physical distance maintained from the small screen, it isn’t feasible on the Lite.

Fans on Twitter still seem upset:

What is Nintendo Switch Sports about?

In a brand new makeover to the series, NSS features a total of six sports. Tennis, bowling, chambara, badminton, volleyball, and soccer add to a decent variety of sports to check out. All of them are intuitive enough for players of any age to engage in.

A seventh sport, golf, will be added to the lineup in a future update. Players caan create their own character with the character customization feature and mould them the way they want. Want find out how to unlock ranked matches? Head on here.

Players can enjoy matches either offline against AI or online against other players. The inclusion of a local co-op ensures fans can play the game with their friends in the same room.