How to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 20

Image via pubgmlite
Image via pubgmlite
Soumyajit Dutta

PUBG Mobile Lite has a prevalent ranking system like every other battle royale title. After the commencement of Season 20 a few days back, fans are pushing rank points to climb up the rank tiers.

This article shares some beneficial tips to quickly rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 20.

Ranking up quickly in Season 20 of PUBG Mobile Lite

#1 - Layout and settings

Image via Vulcan/YouTube
Image via Vulcan/YouTube

Control layout and sensitivity settings are two of the most important factors that determine a player’s skill set and credibility. The best custom layout as well as the sensitivity varies from device to device, and it is best if the player fixes his/her own layout and settings.

Copying the layout and settings from popular PUBG Mobile Lite influencers will not be beneficial.

#2 - Playing with a friend


Playing with teammates means better coordination and chances for survival. A teammate or friend can be communicated with easily over the voice chat when extra help is required.

Playing together ensures more chances of winning, hence securing maximum rank points in a match.

#3 - Always carrying a vehicle

Image via uptodown
Image via uptodown

Players must find and carry a vehicle with them as long as they possibly can. Vehicles can play a crucial role in survival in PUBG Mobile Lite, reducing a significant amount of time to commute from one place to another.

It is also advantageous while moving into the circle and acts as a shelter during the match’s final zones.

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#4 - Carrying the best weapons

Image via
Image via

Weapons play a major role in BR titles. Hence, it is always recommended for PUBG Mobile Lite players to equip at least one long-range and one mid to close-range gun to engage enemies at any given position on the map.

They can also use utilities like grenades to gain an extra advantage while pushing ranks.

#5 - Choosing the best landing spots

Image via DBLTAP
Image via DBLTAP

During rank pushing, playing safe and staying low-key is the best strategy to choose. Players must choose a safe landing spot on the maps in PUBG Mobile Lite to ensure that they do not die early on.

Landing far away from the path of flight is of great help while playing safe, and players can survive the early stages of the match, thus securing more rank points.

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Note: This article reflects the writer’s opinions, and what may seem right to one person may not be so to another.

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