How to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Season 16?

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Nishant Thakkar

Like every other battle royale game on the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile is quite competitive due to the prevalent rank system. Players desire to reach the higher tiers and play amongst the elites. The tier-up rewards are another benefit of pushing the ranks.

With the end of Season 15, the ranks of the players have been reset. Season 16 had begun a few days ago, and now it is the perfect time for the users to start pushing their ranks. In this article, we provide some tips to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile and gain higher ranking points.

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Ranking up quickly in PUBG Mobile Season 16

#1 Sensitivity Settings and Layout

Image via Vulcan/YouTube
Image via Vulcan/YouTube

The sensitivity settings and layout are two detrimental factors that affect the gameplay of the users. It is recommended that they find an appropriate sensitivity setting and layout based on the device they are using. Moreover, copying that of the others doesn’t yield any benefits.

#2 Weapons

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This might be stating the obvious, but weapons play a crucial role in gunfights. As the loot in a BR match is randomly spread across the map, players should try and get good at every possible weapon in PUBG Mobile. This would help the users to survive the early stages of the match. Also, equipping the proper attachments on the firearms might aid them.

Apart from this, users will have to put equipment like grenades into use to improve their gameplay and push their ranks.

#3 Survival + Kills

Image via SPD Gamin /YouTube
Image via SPD Gamin /YouTube

Users are awarded ranking points based on their overall performance in the match. Surviving for a longer duration would help them gain a higher number of points in PUBG Mobile. Also, attaining kills are quite important as well; therefore, players can try third partying to gain additional kills in a game.

#4 Time of the push

Image via Aman Playz
Image via Aman Playz

Many players find it easier to push their ranks in the early stages of the season as they face less competition. As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile Season 16 has just begun. Hence, it is now the perfect time for users to start pushing their ranks and reach the higher tiers.

#5 Landing Spots

Image via DBLTAP
Image via DBLTAP

Planning the landing spots can also help the users to rank up quickly. Although, it may depend and vary upon the trajectory of the plane in a BR match. Users can carefully think about it to increase their chances to survive longer.

Dropping at hot-drops isn’t recommended much as they might face many foes, leading to a lot of blood-shed.

Playing with teammates/friends can also help users to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile. Several other factors, like timing of the rotation and using vehicles, might come into play.

Note: This article is a reflection of the writer’s opinions, and what may seem right to one person may not be so to another.

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