How to reach Ace tier quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12

Details on how players can reach Ace in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via PUBG Mobile Lite)
Details on how players can reach Ace in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via PUBG Mobile Lite)

PUBG Mobile Lite, like its better counterpart, PUBG Mobile, features a unique ranked system in which the players are divided into various tiers. Ace is among the top-most ranks present in the battle royale title, and many players have a strong desire to reach that and play among the best.

Various factors affect the rank push, such as the timing and more. The Ranked Season 11 of PUBG Mobile Lite has ended, and Season 12 recently began. Hence, now is the ideal time for players to advance through the ranks.

Tips to reach ace tier quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite

Here are a few pointers to help users as they try to climb the ranks in PUBG Mobile Lite:

5) Playing with the same teammates


Playing with the same team enables players to communicate and coordinate effectively. This is why it's recommended that players do so.

Consequently, the chances of winning would increase, making it a little easier to climb the ranks. Also, since randoms do not communicate, playing with them hinders the same.

4) Consistency


Although it may seem obvious, PUBG Mobile Lite players need to be consistent to rise to the top. The more consistently they perform, the more rank points they earn.

It is also recommended that users take breaks in between and avoid playing many matches consecutively.

3) Weapons


Since getting a particular weapon in a battle royale match is not guaranteed, gamers are recommended to be well-versed with all the guns present in PUBG Mobile Lite. As a result, it will improve their general ability to execute with any rifle.

Aside from that, users should use various utility items such as grenades and body armor more effectively. This undoubtedly gives them an advantage.

2) Timing


As mentioned above, timing can play an essential role as players attempt to push through the ranks in PUBG Mobile Lite. It is recommended that users start the grind as soon as the season begins,as it provides them with a head start.

In addition, players are likely to face less competition in the early stages of a ranked season.

1) Sensitivity and other settings


Having appropriate sensitivity and other settings can take the gameplay of the players to the next level. They play a significant role in helping the gamers control the recoil and enhance their aim.

Therefore, users should try to find the settings that work best for them and not copy other players' settings.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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