How Resident Evil Village's Heisenberg makes his spot among the franchise's iconic villains list

Heisenberg appears to be a ruthless monster motivated solely by hatred (Image via Shirrako/YouTube)
Heisenberg appears to be a ruthless monster motivated solely by hatred (Image via Shirrako/YouTube)

The Resident Evil franchise features some of the most terrifying villains in the game world, and it's difficult to choose just one. The series hasn't stepped away from using zombies as the primary antagonists, but some human villains have also appeared.

Every villain in Resident Evil Village has their own little hideaway, and Heisenberg's is amongst the greatest. This filthy manufacturing area is host to strange experiments like slithering zombies with sharp blades ahead. This chapter has some very terrifying body horrors.

Heisenberg is one of the most unique antagonists in the franchise. Heisenberg is the prototypical crazy scientist, brilliant, cunning, and completely insane, with a feeling of superiority that eventually leads to his demise.

Heisenberg is the most deadly and unique villain of the Resident Evil franchise


Heisenberg appears to be a ruthless monster motivated solely by hatred. He enjoys torturing Ethan by impaling him with rusty metal pieces because of his strange magnetic abilities.

Heisenberg is an over-the-top enemy that the Resident Evil series is known for, and he's always a blast to watch, even when he's trying to murder gamers, which is almost always.

Heisenberg isn't pleased to be among Mother Miranda's acolytes, although her subordinates are wholly devoted to her. As part of a plot to overthrow her, he covertly developed a legion of murderous mecha-zombies in his factory.


He could have accomplished as well if Ethan hadn't stormed his hideout and put an end to his plot. Eventually, Heisenberg evolves into a gigantic, obnoxious monster with enormous saw blades connected to its limbs.

Heisenberg was forced to acknowledge that Ethan was a challenge for him after evading multiple lethal traps and even began to revere him as the game drew to a close. He grudgingly agreed to collaborate with Ethan to assassinate Mother Miranda.


Heisenberg is unquestionably evil, but he isn't wholly to blame. Miranda abducted him as a youngster and injected him with the Cadou parasite, which gave him his abilities. This lends him a melancholy quality, which provides him with complexity when combined with his intended revolt against his mother.

He's darker and much more fascinating than most Resident Evil villains. It also helped that Neil Newbon portrayed him so well. Heisenberg is infused with increasingly assertive arrogance and horror by the voice and motion capture actor.

Nonetheless, Ethan's boss encounter outside the village's metal factory has become one of the game's centerpieces, putting him in command of a homemade tank while facing a mech-driving Heisenberg.

The Resident Evil franchise boasts some of the industry's most extraordinary acting and motion captures. It also has dynamic, colorful writing and characters who stick with players long after the credits have rolled, and Heisenberg is an excellent example of the ideal antagonist.

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