5 iconic villains of the Resident Evil series

These villains provide a horrifying element to the game (Image via Resident Evil)
These villains provide a horrifying element to the game (Image via Resident Evil)

The original Resident Evil game was released in 1996, providing players with a unique experience that would permanently revolutionize the horror video game genre. Over the years, the brand has released a slew of new games and remakes, increasing the series' breadth and, in some cases, improving the way fans play the games, like with Resident Evil 4.

Many elements of the franchise continue to surprise fans, including the villains. These villains provide a horrifying element to the game, and they frequently present players with a true task to overcome. The most terrifying ones stay with the players and contribute to the Resident Evil series' legendary status.

Several villains have appeared and vanished during the series, with a few having a greater influence than others. The finest ones have either had interesting personalities, compelling backstories, or were just scary.

Here are the 5 iconic villains of the Resident Evil series

5) Ramon Salazar


Ramon Salazar, the small ruler of a nearby castle, is one of Resident Evil 4's most iconic characters. Salazar, like Bitores Mendez, is an ardent supporter of Osmund Saddler.

Saddler's accusations that his family committed horrific sins in the past (e.g., sealing the mines containing Las Plagas spores) influenced him, and Salazar now gladly undertakes bad things to make up for his family's previous heroics. It's incredible the extent to which some villains will go when they feel they are right.

Ramon Salazar is a castellan, a Spanish castle governor. He's an eighth-generation castellan, and his work is mostly ceremonial at this point. He has a small height and appears to be well into middle age, however, he is only approximately 20 years old. Los Iluminados and Las Plagas have a lengthy history with the Salazar family.

4) Nemesis


He's a constant danger in Resident Evil 3, as he shows up to hunt Jill down on a frequent basis. He's far more sophisticated than a regular bulky tyrant, as he can move quickly and use weapons. The villain's incredible strength and resilience to harm make for a very challenging test for gamers.

Tyrant's goal is to assassinate S.T.A.R.S. members, and with extraordinary skills like healing and the usage of claws, Nemesis may easily accomplish this goal if players aren't cautious. In addition to his other abilities, the Tyrant can wield weapons, making him even more terrifying.

3) Mr X


The Tyrant T-00, possibly better known to gamers as Mr X, is a prominent menace in Resident Evil 2 and its remake. Because of how large and menacing he is, he has gotten a lot of attention from players. Due to his great power and near-invulnerability, the villain must first be avoided rather than confronted.

T-00's slow following of the player is threatening, but the pace speeds up substantially in the last encounter with the character, in which Mr X transforms into Super Tyrant form.

T-00 is comparable to Nemesis in many aspects, although the initial encounter with Mr X is terrifying in part due to the cramped location. One of the reasons Resident Evil 2 and its remake are frequently recognized as two of the finest horror games of all time is because of the villain.

2) Albert Wesker


Albert Wesker is the Resident Evil franchise's primary antagonist. His motive is to destroy the whole world. Wesker was close to achieving victory, much closer than most previous villains. Wesker is actually cognitively and technically superior to everyone on earth, thanks to his upbringing and mutation.

He can "Matrix-style" dodge gunshots, fling missiles like javelins, and prevent rockets with one hand. He can't be stopped by a dip in lava, especially after fusing with the Uroboros Virus.

Early in the series, the former S.T.A.R.S member ditches his unit before embarking on a mission to wipe mankind entirely. Wesker's intentions are similar to Oswell Spencer's, except he believes he should be the deity that rules over a new universe.

1) Jack Krauser


Jack Krauser deserves to be at the number 1 spot on this list. His extraordinary skills and dominating personality are still loved by RE enthusiasts. Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser share a history together. However, the game does not go into great detail about their past.

RE: The Darkside Chronicles, a spin-off, digs further into their history together. One of the most fascinating plots in Resident Evil 4 is the section with Jack Krauser.

Krauser, a former training partner of Leon's, will appear three times in the game. He emerges as a typical human with enhanced agility and strength for the first time. His left arm mutates into a weapon in the second and third battles, although the rest of his physical form remains mostly the same.

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