5 things Capcom should use from the original Resident Evil 4 that could benefit the upcoming rumored remake

Few games have received as much critical praise as RE4 (Image via YouTube/ The HighP)
Few games have received as much critical praise as RE4 (Image via YouTube/ The HighP)

Following the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, rumors have circulated that the franchise's most popular game, Resident Evil 4, will be given the same treatment. Resident Evil 4 is one of the few games that gets so many re-releases, and for good reason.

Few games have received as much critical praise as RE4, and few have had as much of an influence on the industry since it was first launched in 2005.

Resident Evil 4 is an action-oriented game with a quicker pace than its predecessors. Due to the differences in the source material, the Resident Evil remake series is likely to venture into uncharted ground, sparking discussion over what should and shouldn't be changed from the original game.

5 assets from the original game that could benefit the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake

5) Action and horror


When Resident Evil 4 was initially published, it was a significant deviation from the rest of the franchise. Resident Evil 4 was initially a furious action shooter, unlike the previous three games in the series, which were deliberate, strategic survival horror experiences.

In recent years, Resident Evil has made a good attempt to return to its survival horror origins, but Capcom would do well to remember that Resident Evil 4 was created as a superb action game.

4) Separate Ways


Separate Ways is a side storyline that puts players in the shoes of Ada Wong and tells the RE4 plot from her point of view. While Separate Ways is short in comparison to the main campaign, it provides intriguing behind-the-scenes insights.

The Ada Report, which builds on her perspective and connection with Leon, can be unlocked throughout Separate Ways. The non-canon Assignment: Ada mini-game has her gathering plaga samples.

Supporting characters such as Ada Wong, will reportedly get increased screen time in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The two RE4 expansions Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways will also be included, according to some sources, but it's unclear if they'll be included in the original game or as DLC.

3) Luis Sera


Dr Luis Sera was a scientist from a remote Spanish province. He was recruited into Los Iluminados' research department to scientifically construct Plagas and bio-weapons, but was assassinated in an attempt to derail their operations.

Luis Sera had a significant part in Resident Evil 4, but he deserves a larger role in the upcoming remake. Capcom could transform him into a truly outstanding character if he is given more dimensions, narrative, and personality.

2) Inventory system


The inventory system in the original game is by far one of its most unexpectedly enjoyable aspects. The player has access to a grid-based attache case with upgrades that can be purchased, and they must wisely organize their weapons and accessories to make the most of the limited space.

This concept was a significant improvement over the previous Resident Evil games' straightforward six to eight inventory spaces since it provided a puzzle-like element to inventory management.

When a player examines their beautifully organized attache case after rearranging weapons to optimize available space, they experience a feeling of success.

1) The Merchant


The addition of a mystery merchant figure to the game marked a significant departure from its predecessors. The player would come across money while killing monsters and exploring the game's environment, which they could exchange for things, weapons, and upgrades while engaging with this merchant.

Over the course of the game, purchasing additional weapons and upgrades added a significant amount of flexibility. Since everyone has an opinion on which weapons are the greatest in the game, the merchant allows players to modify their arsenal to fit their gameplay experience.

The merchant is such an important element of what makes the game so delightful that he must return in the remake.

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