How to revive yourself in Don't Starve

There are multiple ways of avoiding death in Don't Starve (Image via Klei Entertainment)
There are multiple ways of avoiding death in Don't Starve (Image via Klei Entertainment)

Players new to Don't Starve will quickly learn that death is not so much a punishment as it is a feature of the game. It isn’t fun dying in the game, but it happens one way or another, so it's best to get used to the crushing sensation.

While death is virtually unavoidable in Don't Starve and provides rogue-like benefits, there are multiple ways to prolong its arrival. After all, dying in the game causes all the items in the player's inventory to fall to the ground.

4 ways to revive yourself in Don't Starve


Out of the four methods to revive yourself in Don't Starve, two require building a Prestihatitator, which is a Magic station. This is integral to both the Meat Effigy and Life Giving Amulet.

To build a Prestihatitator, players need:

  • Top Hat (x1)
  • Rabbit (x4)
  • Boards (x4)

To craft Meat Effigies and Life Giving Amulets, players will have to take the necessary items and use them with the Prestihatitator.

1) Craft a Meat Effigy


A Meat Effigy is a craftable item that, when placed somewhere in the game world, will resurrect the player at the point of placement.

For example, should players construct one in a walled-off and protected area, they’ll revive upon death.

To craft a Meat Effigy, players need:

  • Boards (x4)
  • Beard Hairs (x4)
  • Meat (x4)
  • -30 Maximum Health

The most notable downside of this method is the -30 penalty to maximum health. In fact, building too many Meat Effigies can kill the player. So, don’t build more than four.

2) Craft a Life Giving Amulet


Another downside to the Meat Effigy is that it has to be placed. This is where crafting a Life Giving Amulet can come in handy when venturing out in Don't Starve.

The Life Giving Amulet is worn in the Torso slot. To craft one, players need:

  • Gold Nuggets (x3)
  • Nightmare Fuel (x2)
  • Red Gem (x1)

When the player dies, provided they are wearing the Life Giving Amulet, they will respawn the following day. If they die in the morning, players will skip nighttime, and it’ll be the morning of the next day.

The most beneficial effect of the Life Giving Amulet is that it puts nearby enemies to sleep. However, the amulet is ultimately destroyed.

3) Locate a Touch Stone


Touch Stones, unfortunately, can’t be crafted. They are prebuilt and randomly placed in the wilds of the game.

By activating the stone, the player will revive at that location (like a Meat Effigy) when their health reaches zero.

4) Plant a Magic Flower


Magic Flowers were introduced in Don't Starve’s Hamlet DLC.

A Magic Flower is the result of planting Magic Water, which already gives off an aura that’s beneficial to Sanity (by lowering Hunger). It works just like the Meat Effigy.

Players will respawn where the Magic Flower was planted. They will also experience a reduction in their maximum health by having a Magic Flower active.

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