How to find wonderkids in Football Manager 2023 beta?

Proper scouting is important for finding talents like Endrick (Images via SEGA, Getty Images)
Proper scouting is important for finding talents like Endrick (Images via SEGA, Getty Images)

With the Football Manager 2023 beta already out on PC, many players are well into their new career mode saves. Irrespective of the stature of someone's club in the game, wonderkids are always high on everyone's wishlist. The nickname is used to describe young talented footballers who have very high growth potential.

Not all wonderkids come cheap in the game, and some can't even be acquired in the first season of someone's save. While there is no shortage of them in the game, players must unearth those talents. Agents often offer their clients in-game, but it's an unreliable process. The only sustainable way to uncover talent in the game is to use your club's scouting network.

The scouting network's effectiveness will vary from one save to another as there are multiple factors within it. Good scouts are just one aspect, as setting up the assignments is extremely important. With Football Manager 2023 beta's scouting network undergoing a revamp, here's what a player will need to do to unearth the next Messi and Ronaldo.


Football Manager 2023's beta now offers much more options to players when it comes to scouting

Before unearthing the upcoming talents, there are some prerequisites that players need to fulfill.

  • Get good scouts with high ratings in Judge Potential Ability.
  • Ensure the scope for scouting is as wide as possible.
  • Have a larger number of scouts, as it will allow faster results every time.

While these are basic decisions, many players will be restricted due to financial implications. However, scout assignments are an area where they won't be limited, and this is where all the key work is required.

  • First, make sure you have scouting assignments set to yourself. This can be done through Staff-responsibilities-scouting. If it's delegated to another staff member, you won't have any control over how your scouts operate.
  • Go to scouting.
  • Go to scouting coverage and select scout assignments from the three available options.
  • In this window, an overview of all the scouts is available, along with their current assignments.
  • Select any one of the scouts from there. You can select a scout who might already have an assignment.
  • After selecting the scout, either edit the existing assignment or create a new one. The next few steps take the latter into account.
  • Click on any of the scouts without assignment. You will get an option to create an assignment.
  • Select the region - you can choose between nation, region, or continent. Always go with a nation or region. Focus on nations/regions that are top footballing talents.
  • The same can also be done from overview-create assignments.
  • The main thing to be aware of is creating an assignment with the correct information.

To ensure that your scout finds the wonderkids in Football Manager 2023, follow these filters to set up an assignment.

  • Select the nation/region you want to scout.
  • Current ability: 1 star
  • Potential ability: 4.5 stars
  • Age: 15-18 (you can opt for 17 for the outer limit as well, but many under-17 players don't want to make a permanent move).
  • Choose ongoing, as it will be a gradual and continuous process.

Here are some more tips to remember when you want to scout the best talents in Football Manager 2023:

  • Star ratings might not be comprehensive as it's based on the opinion of the scout relative to your squad.
  • Current abilities are not very important when signing wonderkids on the Football Manager 2023 beta.
  • Assigning different areas and covering as much of the world as possible is the mantra for success.
  • Signing top talents won't be enough, as game time, in-game form, and training are all important factors.

Finding the next Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in Football Manager 2023 won't be an arduous task if you can do all these things correctly.

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