How to start Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC

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Three episodes of action and chills are here (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

The Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC is finally here, meaning players can dive into an all-new short story in the enthralling supernatural universe of the titular writer. Fans are stoked to see how Remedy has evolved the series' lore further. Since this is the first major expansion for any Alan Wake game out thus far, you may be wondering how you can access the DLC campaign.

Doing so is fairly straightforward, and this guide will familiarize you with the process. Here's everything to know about how to start the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC.

How do you access the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC?

After downloading the expansion (available only to Digital Deluxe Edition owners), those who boot into the main menu of Alan Wake 2 will notice a new option called "Expansions", right below the New Game option. Selecting this will bring up all available DLC content.

Developer Remedy Entertainment has promised two major DLCs for Alan's latest and greatest outing and Night Springs is the first in line (the second DLC titled "The Lake House" has a Coming Soon label). Since the Night Springs DLC will already be highlighted you only need to enter it and pick between the three available episodes.

Night Springs is a TV show in the Alan Wake universe, so it makes sense that this DLC also follows an episodic format. Here are all the episodes available to select from in the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC:

  • Episode 1: Number One Fan
  • Episode 2: North Star
  • Episode 3: Time Breaker

Selecting any of them will begin the Alan Wake 2 Night Springs DLC campaign. As seen in the newest trailer featured at the Summer Game Fest 2024 showcase, each episode puts players in the shoes of familiar characters, or at least versions that look like them.

Episode 1: Number One Fan stars Rose Marigold, the waitress players encounter at the Oh Deer Diner in the town of Bright Falls in the base game. She is determined to protect her favorite Writer from anyone who wants to stop him from finishing his book.

Episode 2: North Star features Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control from 2017's supernatural hit Control, which was also created by the same developers. With that game's AWE DLC expansion, it was confirmed that it takes place in the Alan Wake universe, but in this DLC however, she is referred to as The Sibling who must find her missing brother in the Coffee World gift shop.

Episode 3: Time Breaker is about The Actor who resembles Sheriff Tim Breaker from Bright Falls (and also Jack Joyce for players who played Quantum Break, another Remedy-developed game). As a comic book character, he must stop the murder spree of the Master of Many Worlds across the multiverse.

Alan Wake 2 DLC Night Springs is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S platforms. Check out our full review of the Alan Wake 2 base game to know if it is worth buying.

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