How to start the Blood Money quest in Red Dead Online

Image via Rockstar
Image via Rockstar

Blood Money is the title of the latest update for Red Dead Online, and the content is live for all players to try out themselves. The main quest in the new content contains the same Blood Money name, and it can be done quickly when players have the chance.

When players load into Red Dead Online within the new update, there will be some new mission types such as Crimes. But they can't be taken up immediately. First, players need to complete a few steps before they can take on the new missions.

To start the Blood Money quest, players should open their satchel and sift through the readable letters that they have. The one in question is the letter that was sent from someone named "M." Once players have read through the letter, it's time to head to a given location, which is Saint Denis. There, players will search for and find Guido Martelli. He will be clearly marked with a yellow dollar sign, which is easily spotted.

Speaking to him will open up the first part of the Blood Money missions available in the Red Dead Online update.

Crimes and Opportunities in Red Dead Online Blood Money

When players initially speak to Guido Martelli, they will be given the option to start missions called Crimes. Not all Crimes are the same, and the types of missions will vary depending on which ones are picked up. They could be short hold-ups or layered operations with different characters.

The goal of completing the Crimes is to earn Capitale. Blood Money brought Capitale to Red Dead Online as a new type of currency for players to earn through Crimes. But Crimes are only one aspect of the new missions. Once players complete enough Crimes, they can head to Guido Martelli and start taking on separate missions called Opportunities.

In total, there will be three different Opportunities added to Red Dead Online, but only one was added to Red Dead Online. Players will need to thwart a senator in the town who is working against Guido's boss in the game. This Opportunity and the subsequent two will have multiple ways to complete the objective, and they offer up replayability and agency in the missions.

Running Opportunities and Crimes over and over again will reward players with plenty of Capitale. With the new Blood Money missions and some outside camps, players can rack up what they need.

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