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Begin the terrifying journey anew (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

With the arrival of the New Game Plus mode, gamers should be eager to dive back into Alan Wake 2. "The Final Draft" aims to add further replayability to Remedy Entertainment's latest, universally praised survival horror title. But how do players go about doing this, and are there any specific criteria that must be met to play it?

This guide details all that you need to unlock the New Game Plus, AKA "The Final Draft" in Alan Wake 2, as well as the changes that come with it.

Players must beat Alan Wake 2 to get The New Draft's New Game Plus mode

Start all over again but with new knowledge (Image via Remedy Entertainment)
Start all over again but with new knowledge (Image via Remedy Entertainment)

For the New Game Plus, it is mandatory to beat the game at least once to be eligible. That, and updating Alan Wake 2 to the latest version, will provide access to a new option on the menu screen called The Final Draft. This will let you start a new game save file but with all weapon and character charms/upgrades carried over - but only after a first playthrough.

However, those who have not completed the game will not see this option on their menu. After clicking on New Game Plus, you will be prompted to select the difficulty. While developer Remedy Entertainment offers a wide range of options to pick from as per your challenge level preference, a new difficulty option, called Nightmare, has been added.

This is now the hardest difficulty in Alan Wake 2, surpassing Hard mode. Do note that with this new update, Nightmare can also be opted in for first-time playthroughs. This means you must be cautious with every step as enemies, including various bosses, are more challenging, while resources are scarcer.

Besides a new ending that should add to or provide more answers to the existing conclusion, you will have more incentives to fight through the shadows once again. This includes all-new collectibles in the form of Manuscript pages and even TV screenings, both of which further enrich the lore of the game and its universe.

Die-hard Remedy Entertainment fans should not miss out on a replay of the game via The Final Draft, especially since new titles from the studio set in the same universe, like the much-anticipated Control 2, are on the horizon.

Alan Wake 2 is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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