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PUBG Tips & Tricks: How to be a Pro in PUBG Mobile - Pro Tips To Enhance your Gameplay

  • How to Improve Your PUBG gameplay? Here is all you need to know!
Modified 07 Jun 2019, 15:02 IST


PUBG Mobile brought competitive gaming to mobile devices and since then we've pro players everywhere. Everyone is a PUBG pro these days but what really takes to be a pro? I've decided to share some tricks and tips that I've learned myself from professional PUBG players.

If you have read the previous article on how to reach ACE faster you already know some of the basics. Here are some more important tricks and tips that can and will improve your gameplay.

#1 How to reach your destination faster after jumping off of the Plane

Players jump from the plane and head towards the destination - It's easy. NOT. That is not a wrong way to land but it's not the most efficient way either. After jumping off of the plane, don't head towards the destination instead go sideways. Keep your head down and straight after jumping and navigate sideways to reach your destination. This will help you land faster than ever.

#2 Follow the edge of the Blue Zone

This trick is for the last few zones. When there are few players alive try to stick to the Blue Zone and go around the circle. In the last few zones, most of the players like to snake in the middle. The lack of buildings or cover will leave you unprotected so the best way is to lay down on the grass. Because this is the popular mindset, most players will do the same and they will also keep an eye open for the same. Staying with the circle border helps you to spot the snaking players.

#3 How to spot your enemies faster

In the game, we often get hit from the long-range and it's hard to find the spot we're getting hit from. How to spot these players? Look for the places where someone can take cover. If you are getting hit this means the player is not running around so no need to check the open ground. Open your scope and scan every tree and rock you see. Scan any place where you think someone can take cover. This will make it easier for you to find your enemies.

#4 Never aim downwards in a close combat

If you're in a small circle or in a close combat situation, never aim downwards. Always keep your pointer up where their head can be. If you're using assault rifle just aim for the head and spray.

#5 Never stand still

Never stand still while looting a crate, drop or camping. Always keep moving left and right, backward or forward. This will keep you alive from snipers. If someone is using 8x or 6x scopes, they will never be able to hit you with a straight headshot if you keep moving.

#6 Confuse your enemies with bot-fire

You've noticed by now that bots fire in a similar way. They never really spray, it's most of the time tap-shots. If you are camping somewhere, doing bot-fire is not a bad idea. This will make your enemies think it's a bot and they will show up to get the kill. Even if your enemies are camping and you've spotted them this trick still works. Do the bot fire and wait for them to peek at that direction - use that opportunity to say hi with a headshot.

#7 Always carry Smoke

Smoke is the most underrated item in the game. If you're playing squad and your teammate is knocked out, use smoke and revive them. Smoke grenades are literally pocket-sized invisible walls. If you are stuck in a position where there is no cover around you, you can use multiple smoke grenades to create a cover for yourself and change your position.


Tencent Games has introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down version of PUBG and players can now experience the battle royale game on low end PCS and mobile devices.

Published 07 Jun 2019, 15:02 IST
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