How to easily master Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6

Best way to use Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Best way to use Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The Drive Parry is one of the foremost combat mechanics you must master in Street Fighter 6. Despite the inclusion of modern control and streamlined tutorials, the latest fighting game can become a challenge if you don’t take the combat seriously. In battle, your defense can sometimes offer more value than your offense. While there are several ways to partially, and sometimes even fully, restrict damage from your opponents, using the new Drive system to your benefit can give you a wonderful advantage.

That said, the Drive Parry mechanic can be tricky to learn if you don’t know how to perform it. It will require much more practice if you’re new to the genre of fighting games.

Best way to use Drive Parry in Street Fighter 6

Capcom has introduced a brand new Drive system that gets recharged during combat. This type of mechanics is common in a fighting game, but Street Fighter 6 takes it to the next level. You can use this Drive system for both offense and defense.


In simple words, Drive Parry is a type of defense mechanism that deflects the attack being done by your opponent. This move can be performed by pressing the Medium Kick and Medium Punch buttons at the same time. When executed correctly, your character will enter a focus mode and block all the damage being dealt.

While this sounds easy to do, there are certain things to remember. For starters, each Drive Parry consumes a half Drive Gauge bar, so you have to be prudent about when to use it. When performed properly, it can freeze your opponent and start your counter-attack. Use it when they are on overdrive and is focused entirely on their offense.

Don’t use this defense mechanism to block simple attacks, especially at the start of the match. You start each round with a full Drive Gauge bar, so using this powerful block might seem attractive.

However, don’t forget that this Drive bar is also required for four other types of moves, and you won’t win in Street Fighter 6 without an offensive strategy.


Aside from grabs, all of your opponent’s attacks will be nullified by Drive Parry. Speaking personally, it’s best used as a combo breaker or right when your opponent is about to start an elaborate set of moves. Not only do you execute a counter-attack, but you can catch your opponent off guard.

Make sure to keep filling the Drive Gauge bar in between performing this special parry. Every successful dodge you make will help towards refilling the bar. Deflecting projectiles from your opponents will also help you fill the bar faster.

Finally, learn the ability to dodge and anticipate your opponent’s attack. Dodging is the exact opposite of what Drive Parry aims to achieve in Street Fighter 6. However, it doesn’t require any meter but will allow you to preserve your character’s health in battle. When caught under pressure, you’ll have enough resources to parry your way out.

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