How to get free emotes in PUBG Mobile?

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Emotes are animations of your player/character used as a form of communication and entertainment, like using a dancing emote after taking an enemy down. In PUBG, emotes are pretty fun to use in-game and have now become an integral part of the game.

How to get emotes in PUBG?

PUBG Emotes
PUBG Emotes

There are two ways of getting emotes in the PUBG game. They can be bought by spending UC in the game store.

Emotes can also be earned by playing the game regularly and completing the Royale Pass missions (both daily and weekly). Completing the challenges increases your RP rank, which in turn unlocks emotes in the pass.

How to get free emotes in PUBG?


Yes, there is a legit way to earn free emotes, and that is by redeeming codes. These are the codes which were released by Tencent games recently.

Check this link for the latest redeem codes.

To redeem the code, visit the redemption center and enter all the required details.

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Redemption Center
Redemption Center

Usually every season there is a free emote for Royal Pass user (the free one). This season, the free emote (Foxtrot) is available at RP level 20.

There are many videos on various platforms like YouTube that show different ways to get emotes for free.

However, most of these methods for getting free UC to buy emotes from the shop are not legit and do not work.

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Redeem Codes are not unlimited

Most of the redeem codes have a limit on the number of users who can claim them. So you have to be quick to claim the codes.

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