How to unlock Cleaners in Back 4 Blood

A promotional image for Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
A promotional image for Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Brandon Moore

The Cleaners are the zombie slaying survivors players will take control of in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood has eight Cleaners, all customizable with their own appearance, dialogue, backstory, and skills to help players fight through the never-ending hordes of the undead.

More Cleaners will certainly arrive later in Back 4 Blood as there is an Annual Pass and other roadmap items regarding downloadable content. Until then, though, the eight will do just fine with only four of them needing to be unlocked.

Back 4 Blood: How to unlock the four Cleaners

There are four Cleaners automatically available when you first load into Back 4 Blood. The other four need to be unlocked by playing through the campaign portion of the game.

Act 1 consists of four different levels. Resurgence, Tunnel of Blood, Pain Train, and The Crossing all need to be completed to unlock the other four Cleaners. This also needs to be done with others online. Currently, the four unlockable Back 4 Blood Cleaners cannot be acquired through playing the solo campaign.

A cutscene will trigger after players fight through Act 1 with three allies. The cutscene will introduce the other Cleaners and will provide 150 Supply Points for finishing Act 1. After the cutscene ends, players can use any of the characters available in Back 4 Blood.

More details about the Cleaners in Back 4 Blood

The Cleaner selection screen (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
The Cleaner selection screen (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Here are the four Cleaners unlocked from the beginning:

  • Mom: Can instantly revive an incapacitated teammate once per level
  • Evangelo: Can break out of grabs once every 60 seconds
  • Walker: Precision kills grant +20% accuracy for 5 seconds
  • Holly: Recovers 10 stamina when she kills a Ridden

The four that need to be unlocked are:

  • Hoffman: Has a chance to find ammo whenever he kills a Ridden
  • Jim: Precision kills grant a 5% damage bonus up to 50%
  • Doc: Heals teammates for 25 health once per level
  • Karlee: Can sense nearby hazards

After unlocking all eight Cleaners in Back 4 Blood, players will be able to come up with great team compositions. Each Cleaner has a role, allowing a combination of four that can really take it to the zombies.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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