How to unlock different courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Image via Nintendo
Image via Nintendo
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Staying true to form, Mario Golf: Super Rush features some vast, vibrant courses that have become a mainstay of these spin-off games.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the sixth title in the series. The trailer, shown at Nintendo’s Direct during E3 2021, displayed many new features including speed golf. There were also some interesting additions to the roster, including Pauline and King Bomb-Omb from Super Mario 64. One thing that fans were curious about, though, was what kind of courses players could golf on. Well, the game is out, and here is how players can unlock each of them.

How can players find all of the available courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Thankfully, unlocking the courses in Mario Golf: Super Rush is a very straightforward process. There are no ridiculously difficult achievements to complete or secret codes to input. Everything can be unlocked through gameplay. Gamers could probably get all of the courses in one day. These are the steps to unlock every course:

  • Rookie Course: available at the start of the game
  • Bonny Hills: complete 18 holes at Rookie Course
  • Ridgerock Lake: complete 18 holes at Bonny Hills
  • Balmy Dunes: complete 18 holes at Ridgerock Lake
  • Wildweather Winds: complete 18 holes at Balmy Dunes
  • Bowser Badlands: complete 18 holes at Wildweather Winds

Around six or seven courses have been the standard for the Mario Golf series. The only exception would be Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS, which had a much larger list of courses (though some of them only had nine holes to play).

Another interesting thing about Mario Golf: World Tour, the previous game in the series, is that it had several courses as downloadable content. This begs the question if Mario Golf: Super Rush will go down the same path.

Six courses does feel a little light content wise, especially for a Nintendo Switch game. DLC has also become a popular way to offer content from Nintendo recently. After all, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild featured two DLC packs, as well as Pokemon Sword and Shield and Fire Emblem: Three Houses even had DLC characters.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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