How to unlock Juri's alternate costume in Street Fighter 6

Juri is one of the characters in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Juri is one of the characters in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Nefariously antagonistic character Juri Han returns in Street Fighter 6. Since debuting in Street Fighter IV, she has quickly become a fan favorite despite being portrayed as a villain. Notably, her outfit has changed in every installment, and the latest release is no different. However, fans of her Street Fighter 5 attire can unlock it in the current entry.

This can be done by spending Fighter Coins or playing World Tour mode.

Where is Juri in World Tour mode

The first step to unlocking Juri's alternate costume is locating her in World Tour. She will become available during the latter portions of the game, so you must play through the open-world RPG game mode in Street Fighter 6.

A sidequest called A Hardboiled Adventure will become available in Nayshall midway through Chapter 11. However, it can only be completed at the beginning of Chapter 12 since an essential area will only become available during this phase.


To start this quest, speak to the NPC named Govind in Nayshall. He will identify as a detective and seek your assistance in solving a crime. Govind will send you to speak with an NPC called Sandal, who will redirect you to Capana.

After talking to Capana, you will uncover clues leading to an alley that can only be accessed at night. Bring your character to rest at the Hangout until nighttime, and then proceed to the alley where you will again encounter Govind. A fight against the detective will ensue, and upon defeating him, Juri will appear nearby.

Speak to her at night and be persistent in your conversation until you convince her to teach you. Eventually, she will become your master, allowing you to equip her moves on your created character.

Raising your bond with Juri in Street Fighter 6


Now that you've successfully enrolled under Juri, you can raise your bond level with her, which will be the final step to unlocking her alternate costume. To raise your bond, give her gifts, level up her fighting style, and interact with her.

The best gift for Juri is the Wrench, which can be purchased from a merchant in India. You can also level up her fighting style by equipping her moves onto your character and utilizing it during your adventures in World Tour. Using Juri's attacks will raise the level of her fighting style, giving you more chances to interact with her.

Upon doing the latter, your bond level will be maxed out in no time, and her alternate outfit will become available for use in Street Fighter 6.

Play as Juri Han in Street Fighter 6, now available on your favorite gaming platform.

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