How to unlock the levitation spell Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy and master it

Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
Using Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)

Being an older version of the iconic Wingardium Leviosa spell, Levioso is a great option for combat in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell can be unlocked early on in the campaign and used during combat to make enemies float.

Developed by WB Games Avalanche, the highly anticipated game will take the player to the iconic grounds of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the late 1800s, as a new student joining the fifth-year class.

Being an RPG title, combat plays a major role, be it facing dark wizards and goblins in the fields or fellow students in dueling clubs. Besides the primary attack, you can also chain in other spells for different attacks. Levioso can be used to momentarily levitate the opponent, opening up opportunities to follow it up with other attacks or shift your focus onto another enemy.

How to easily unlock Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy

Levioso is an older version of the Wingardium Leviosa spell that Harry Potter fans are all too familiar with. Unlike its 'swish and flick' counterpart that's limited to inanimate objects, Levioso can be used on living things. However, this comes with a major compromise, as it can only levitate and doesn't give the user any movement control like Wingardium Leviosa.

Levioso is unlocked quite early on in the campaign as it's featured in the very first Defense Against the Dark Arts class by Professor Hecat. When you enter this class for the first time, you'll find a room full of students messing with one another in the absence of a teacher.

This accidentally leads to a dragon skull almost crushing a student when it breaks and drops from the dragon skeleton that's hanging from the ceiling. This is when Professor Hecat makes her first appearance as she uses a levitation spell to stop the skull from falling.

This is followed by a short cutscene where Professor Hecat will explain and teach you the Levioso charm. You must follow the on-screen prompt and click on the keys accordingly to learn and unlock Levioso. Unlocking the Levioso charm will lead to a duel with Sebastian Sallow from Slytherin, where you'll need to use Levioso to win and eventually befriend him. After unlocking it, Levioso will be available as a slotable spell that can be used for combat.

How to master Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy

Using Levioso, you can levitate your opponent temporarily, giving you plenty of time to follow up with another spell or change targets. Mastering this spell will greatly improve its potency and essentially make it a sort of AoE (Area of Effect) spell, automatically levitating additional enemies who are close to the opponent that's hit by Levioso.

Levioso Mastery in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
Levioso Mastery in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)

With the help of the Talent Menu, you can master different talents unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy, including the Levioso Spell. To master Levioso, open up the Field Guide, select the Talent Menu (located on the top-left side between Inventory and Collection), and click on Spells. In this Spells talent menu, you'll find the Levioso Mastery talent.

To unlock Levioso Mastery, you'll need to be of talent level 5 and have a Talent point, which is acquired by playing the game and gaining experience through different actions, be it learning a new spell or revealing a missing page in the Field Guide.

Levioso is a fairly useful spell in Hogwarts Legacy's combat system and can be rather effective when combined with other damaging spells. Hogwarts Legacy officially launches for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 10, 2023, and will be available to play from February 7 onwards for those who pre-ordered (early access) the title.

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