How to unlock all magic spells in Forspoken

Unlock magic spells by using Mana (Image via Luminous Productions and Square Enix)
Unlock magic spells by using Mana (Image via Luminous Productions and Square Enix)

Forspoken is the latest action RPG developed by Luminous Productions. The game’s protagonist Frey can wield several magical abilities. They are broadly categorized into four magic skill trees: Purple (Frey’s Magic), Red (Sila’s Magic), Green (Olas’ Magic), and Blue (Prav’s Magic). Each of these types is based on some elemental effects.

Obtaining the rest of them involves defeating the respective Tantas. Once the skill tree is unlocked, players can use Mana to unlock its skills. Some abilities are still locked despite unlocking the main skill tree. These can be acquired by visiting the founts of blessing spots scattered around the world of Athia.

Getting all the magic spells in Forspoken


Forspoken takes place in the mysterious land of Athia. This was once a beautiful and thriving kingdom but is ravaged by corruption, called the “Break.” Thus, you will encounter many creatures resulting from this corruption. Forspoken gives you access to tons of magic spells to even the odds.

Unlocking magic spells involves the following:

Defeating significant bosses in the game


Most of the plot revolves around confronting the matriarchs and figureheads of Athia. Each of them is a master in a specific magic type. The purple skill tree is Frey’s default ability and can be used from the get-go. These are Earth-based elemental magic spells. To unlock the other three types of spells, you will have to defeat three Tantas.

You will first get to face Tanta Sila, and defeating her will enable you to inherit her Red magic spells. These mainly comprise melee-focused fire-based attacks. Once unlocked, you can unlock all the skills within this tree. Using Red magic allows you to wield a fire sword. Other spells include Arc Slice, Rage Slice, Blast Slice, and more.


To obtain the Blue magic skill tree, you must defeat Tanta Prav. These are water-based abilities that allow Frey to glide on water rather than swim in the water bodies of Athia. It also includes lethal attack spells like Fan Bolt, Chain Bolt, Cluster Bolt, and more.

Confronting Tanta Olas will give you access to the Green magic skill tree. It consists of wind-based spells like Storm Dart, Seeker Dart, Pulse Dart, and more. Once you unlock all the Tantas magic skill trees, you can freely obtain the spells and attacks within them.

Using Mana to unlock spells


Mana is a currency you can use to unlock and upgrade spells. This isn't a rare resource, so you won't have a hard time earning them. Simply defeating enemies and creatures in the open world of Athia also yields Mana.

You can even collect Mana pools that appear as blue and white light on the ground. Once you have enough Mana, you can head into the “Magic” menu and unlock the desired spell.

Find founts of blessing


Forspoken hides some magic spells behind these collectibles. You can unlock helpful magic abilities like Leap, Shimmy, Burrow, and more via interacting with founts of blessing. They appear in pools and can be located easily owing to a bright light shooting out of them.

Refunding unlocked magic spells

You are not stuck with your choice of magic spells in Forspoken. The majority of them can be refunded, and the Mana you receive from them can be used to unlock some other skills you might be interested in. However, the magic spells unlocked by visiting founts of blessing are non-refundable.

While Frey's journey in @Forspoken is not a challenging one, it is filled with emotional weight and enjoyable gameplay.The parkour and magical combat is incredible, but much of the vast land of Athia feels a bit on the empty side.#Forspoken @SquareEnix

Forspoken has a diverse cast of characters to bolster the game's open-world setting. The game flourishes when combining magic and parkour with Frey’s movements and traversals across Athia. The fluidity of the combat is also something that complements the gameplay well.

The game’s delays had fans concerned over its quality, but Forspoken is garnering positive responses from many players and reviewers. Some gamers aren't too sold on writing and dialog in the game. These are small qualms, however, when considering the other positive aspects of the game.

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