How to easily defeat Altered Borophagus in Forspoken

You can locate Altered Borophagus in Sacred Peak (Image via Square Enix)
You can locate Altered Borophagus in Sacred Peak (Image via Square Enix)

Forspoken is Square Enix’s latest action RPG set in the magical world of Athia. It is a vast fantasy land that was once teeming with life. An anomaly called the “Break” has ravaged the land, rendering Athia corrupted with beasts and weird creatures. Altered Borophagus is one such mutated beast in Forspoken.

The battle with the Altered Borophagus is tough since it is assisted by three of his minions: Hylonomus, Harpagos, and Grugach. The best strategy to adopt in this case is to get rid of these enemies first before attacking the Altered Borophagus. It is an optional boss battle in Forspoken. However, beating it yields a lot of experience points and other rewards.

Taking down the Altered Borophagus and his minions in Forspoken


To fight the Altered Borophagus, you must travel to Sacred Peaks. It is in the Ciphal region of Athia. You will require Frey’s Zip ability to scale the mountain. After defeating Tanta Sila in Chapter Five: Might and Main, you receive this skill.

Like Altered Goliath, Borophagus is also an optional boss in Forspoken. However, defeating it will require upgraded magic spells and a strategic approach. The presence of three smaller but nimble enemies also increases the difficulty of this battle. You can use their weaknesses to get rid of them faster.

Use purple magic spells (Image via Square Enix) Borophagus roars before attacking (Image via Square Enix)
Use purple magic spells (Image via Square Enix) Borophagus roars before attacking (Image via Square Enix)

The following are their vulnerabilities:

  • Hylonomus: This is a small reptilian-looking fantasy creature. It is weak to purple magic. Purple spells imply they are Frey’s magic abilities and are Earth-based.
  • Harpagos is a winged beast thatthat often swoops down to hit Frey. Harpagos is prone to damage from Red magic. These spells are also known as Sila’s magic and are fire based.
  • Grugach: This minion has no particular weaknesses or resistances. You can therefore deal with this foe after defeating the previous two creatures.

Once you are done dealing with these three creatures, it is time to focus all your attacks on the Borophagus. While you fight its minions, the Borophagus will persistently chase you.

Thus, it would be best if you kept evading it using parkour abilities and maintaining a safe distance. Keep an eye on your stamina meter since it takes a few seconds to regain it if completely depleted.


The Altered Borophagus has two types of attacks. One is a simple move that involves it headbutting Frey. This doesn't deal much damage, but it is better to heal after being hit. The move that you have to watch out for is a charged attack. Your cue is when it begins to roar and powers up for a major attack. You should step away, as it can kill you in one hit.

Borophagus is relentless and will use this lethal attack even when you are busy dealing with its minions. This might get annoying in the initial stages of this battle, but Frey’s parkour abilities, like flow, should keep you out of harm’s way.

Barophagus roars before attacking (Image via Square Enix)
Barophagus roars before attacking (Image via Square Enix)

Altered Borophagus is vulnerable to purple magic spells (Frey’s magic). Hence, it is ideal to use Burst Shot to chip away at its health from time to time. Alternatively, you can even resort to Implant or Tendril spell. All of this has to be done quickly, as the Altered Borophagus doesn’t tire out and keeps chasing you until its eventual defeat.

While Frey's journey in @Forspoken is not a challenging one, it is filled with emotional weight and enjoyable gameplay.The parkour and magical combat is incredible, but much of the vast land of Athia feels a bit on the empty side.#Forspoken @SquareEnix

Forspoken is a world filled with creatures to battle and lands to traverse. Necklaces, nails, and cloaks can supplement Frey’s abilities. Upgrading these trinkets gives access to added status effects on top of the existing magic spells and grants some stat boosts.

The many delays in the game’s release caused some concerns among fans. Forspoken, however, is receiving positive praise from fans and reviewers for including a parkour-based movement and a vast number of magical spells that add fun to the combat.

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