How to unlock the Scream skin in Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War

Ghostface appears during Halloween in Verdansk. (Image via Activision)
Ghostface appears during Halloween in Verdansk (Image via Activision)
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Scream, otherwise known as Ghostface, is set to hunt down helpless players within Verdansk in the form of a brand new Operator. During The Haunting event, players will have the opportunity to get Scream in both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Unlike LAPA SMG, Scream is not part of the free unlock bonus during The Haunting. Instead, players will need to purchase Ghostface through the store as the new Operator is available. Other famous horror characters have made appearances throughout the store in Call of Duty, like Jigsaw and Leatherface, during last year's Haunting event.

Scream Operator bundle details in Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War


Ghostface is available for purchase as a bundle in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Like other horror bundles in the past, the Scream bundle will be available for a limited time during the 2021 Haunting event.

The Scream Operator bundle isn't cheap. It costs 2,400 COD points. Anyone who doesn't have any COD points saved up will need to spend roughly $20 if they want the new horror movie bundle. While the price is steep, there is a lot more in the bundle aside from Ghostface.

Aside from the skin, the most enticing aspects of the bundle are the three weapon skins. Two of them are based on Scream's theme and the red and white traces on the weapons. Players can also expect a brand new Finishing Move, a watch, and a cordless phone weapon charm.

Scream may return when the new movie drops in January 2022, but the description says the bundle is limited for now. But more skins are coming in The Haunting.

New skins aside besides Scream

While Scream has the first bundle during the Halloween event, other skins are slated to appear soon. Donnie Darko has been confirmed as another significant bundle arriving shortly.

The rabbit from the Donnie Darko movie is part of another tracer pack that will appear on October 24. Other skins will drop as well, but Donnie Darko seems like the last bundle based on a movie. Other skins will include packs based on themes like Necroqueen. Overall, The Haunting is set to add plenty of new content.

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