How to unlock summoning spell Accio in Hogwarts Legacy and master it

Accio in Hogwarts Legacy (image via WB Games)
Accio in Hogwarts Legacy (image via WB Games)

Accio is one of the most commonly used spells across the Wizarding World franchise, and this fact remains true in Hogwarts Legacy. Throughout the game, players can use it not only to pull enemies closer for a quick attack but also to capture the flying Field Guide pages across the grounds of Hogwarts.

Developed by WB Games Avalanche, Hogwarts Legacy is set before the events of other Wizarding World franchises and takes the player to the late 1800s with a Goblin Revolution brewing. Joining the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a fifth-year student, players will learn Accio and other common spells early on.

During combat, Accio will let players draw in their opponents for a closer strike. The spell will also be useful while exploring and solving puzzles across the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

Players will unlock Accio quite early in Hogwarts Legacy

Players will unlock Accio within the first few hours after arriving in Hogwarts and getting sorted into a house. After unlocking Levioso in Professor Hecat's Defense Against Dark Arts class, you will be tasked with attending the charms class with Professor Ronen, where you will learn the Accio spell.

Things will start with Professor Abraham Ronen entering the class and asking the students questions about what was taught earlier, which they will fail to answer.

During this time in the cutscene, you will take a book from your classmate and try to glance at the answers quickly. However, Professor Ronen will catch you. This is when he will display Accio for the first time, as he will use it to take the book away from you.

After the cutscene ends, follow the onscreen prompt to learn Accio. Once Professor Ronen teaches you how to perform Accio, he will take the class outside to demonstrate using a game that features balls on a platform.

The objective is to get the balls as close as possible without dropping them off the platforms and stack up higher scores. There are a total of two rounds, where you'll face an opponent.

It is quite easy to get the hang of the game during the first round, as it all depends on how long you're holding Accio. One thing to keep in mind is that the ball retains momentum and rolls forward a fair bit, depending on its position and momentum.

The Accio challenge to overcome (image via WB Games)
The Accio challenge to overcome (image via WB Games)

The difficulty increases in the second round, as there are now moving blocks on the platform that can stop the ball before it reaches a higher score zone. Aside from understanding the ball's momentum, like in the previous challenge, you must know the timing of the blocks and cast Accio accordingly. This has to be done so that the ball doesn't get blocked.

After this, you will gain the Accio slotable spells, which you can use during combat and exploration equally.

Mastering Accio will increase its usability in Hogwarts Legacy

Once unlocked, you'll be able to use Accio freely in combat and exploration. However, mastering it will allow you to unlock its true potential.

The base Accio lets you pull an enemy towards you during combat. However, the Accio Mastery will let you pull other enemies in the vicinity of the target, making it sort of an AoE (Area of Effect) attack.

locking Accio Mastery in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)
locking Accio Mastery in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)

To master Accio, head to the Talents Menu in your field guide and select the Spells Talent menu. Here, you will find the Accio Mastery. To unlock it, you'll need to be at least level 5 and have a Talent point, which can be earned by gaining experience through different actions and leveling up.

Accio is quite a useful spell in Hogwarts Legacy, and mastering it will increase its usability in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this Friday, February 10, 2023, with early access starting from February 7, 2023. The game will be released on the last-gen PS4 and Xbox One, along with Nintendo Switch, at a later date.

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