How to use Genshin Impact wish simulator for Klee banner

Klee (Image via Genshin Impact)
Klee (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact wish simulators provide players with the ability to roll as many times as they desire on a simulated banner. This can let them test their luck or even just roll for fun. It can be helpful for those who are saving up Primogems but just have that itch to wish on a banner as they can roll an infinite amount of Primogems just like a whale. Players can test out these wish simulators and learn how to use them here. With a simple UI and easy steps to follow, any player can easily use a wish simulator.

Genshin Impact wish simulators: How to wish for Klee

Before using a Genshin Impact wish simulator, players should choose which simulator they want to use. This choice is mostly based on preference, but the steps in this guide will be to use this wish simulator from Uzair Ashraf. This wish simulator uses the same rates and UI as Genshin Impact, making wishes an easy task. The steps to begin wishing are very simple and are as follows:

  1. Load up the Wish Simulator
  2. Choose which banner to wish on at the top
  3. Begin wishing
  4. Check results in the details section

Step one

A Genshin Wish Simulator (Image via Uzair Ashraf)
A Genshin Wish Simulator (Image via Uzair Ashraf)

The first step that players should take is to head to the Wish Simulator page and make sure everything loads properly. Players can head there using this link, and once the page loads they will have to close the disclaimer and they will be ready to begin wishing.

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Step two

Players can then choose which banner they want to wish on by clicking the banner options at the top. They have the option to wish on the current banner, Noelle's starting banner or even the weapon banner. Players have the opportunity to roll as many times as they want.

Step 3

The next step is to simply begin wishing on whatever banner players want to test out. They can wish in single wishes or do 10 wishes at a time, and their built up pity will be shown as they continue to wish. They can do this as many times as they desire until they reach their desired character or they get bored.

Step 4

Players can check their inventory (Image via Uzair Ashraf)
Players can check their inventory (Image via Uzair Ashraf)

To see how many wishes they have made or to count how many characters they have pulled, players simply need to head to their inventory tab. This also shows a calculation of how much money a player would have spent if they had completed this many wishes. Players can fantasize about their huge accounts and show them off to their friends using this inventory feature.

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Genshin Impact wish simulators provide a lot of opportunities for fun and players should take advantage of them if they have the opportunity.

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