How to use live FIFA 23 player ratings in different game modes

The live ratings allow some cards to improve in game (Image via EA Sports)
The live ratings allow some cards to improve in game (Image via EA Sports)

Ratings are the most important aspect of FIFA 23 as they directly determine the effectiveness of a card. When the ratings of a card are higher, it tends to work better.

Football is a dynamic sport, and a player's form constantly fluctuates. When a professional's skill grows significantly in the real world, EA Sports makes timely updates to reflect the improvement in the game.

Such updates aren't just for show, as players can enjoy them across several game modes in FIFA 23. Enabling this feature in the game is relatively easy.

FIFA 23 updates the squads and ratings of its cards in many ways


There are several ways in which FIFA 23 updates the squads and ratings of different cards. One of these methods is squad updates, which are used mandatorily while playing online matches.

Game modes include both online exhibition matches and Ultimate Team. Once a squad update is available, it will be downloaded automatically following an in-game prompt.

However, live player ratings change the overalls and stats of many cards. You can activate this by following the steps given below:

  • Open the game and ensure that there's an online connection. Live updates require connectivity to work properly.
  • Go to Exhibition, and select a match you want to play.
  • A panel will be visible between your team and that of your opponents.
  • Press the Y button if you're on Xbox or the Triangle button if you're on PlayStation (default controls).
  • Select "Live Updates" to reflect the footballer's current ratings and overall stats in the game.

When you start a match after completing the steps, your FIFA 23 team will showcase all the live ratings implemented by EA Sports.

An example can be found on the cards of Brazilian superstar Casemiro, who can be played with Brazil and Manchester United.

Casemiro's overall rating at launch was 89. This incidentally made him the player with the second-highest overall rating in Manchester United. Since then, he has put on a string of excellent performances and has received multiple Man of the Match awards. EA Sports has increased his overall by 2, with boosts in his stats across many attributes.


Whenever a player plays with Manchester United and has live player ratings, Casemiro will have a 91 overall. Elsewhere, he will have his usual 89 overall, as well as all the stats assigned to him at launch.

While the live FIFA 23 player ratings are useful, their usage is limited. The system can be used in any form of exhibition match and will work while playing online friendlies. However, it won't work for the Ultimate Team, as the card system works differently.

The FUT World Cup mode arrived on November 9, 2022, and players can play as all the official nations that have qualified for the tournament in Qatar. Any friendly or exhibition matches in the game mode will also come with the live rating feature. However, the final squads still need to be updated, and fans will hope EA Sports will sort them out quickly.

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