How to use Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom? (August 2022)

The Magic Candies update is the latest method to boost Cookie power (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Magic Candies update is the latest method to boost Cookie power (Image via Sportskeeda)

The addition of the Hall of Ancient Heroes was well received by the Cookie Run: Kingdom community initially, but it failed to leave much of a mark upon release. Initially, the benefits offered by the landmark were minuscule in comparison to other methods of upgrading Cookies, leading to its eventual sidelining.

In further updates though, developers have constantly amped up the value that players can gain from the location. These additions largely went unseen until recently, when a discussion thread in the official Cookie Run: Kingdom Reddit community brought them to light.

Read on to find out how one can use their Radiant Shards to increase the stats of all the Cookies in the Hall of Ancient Heroes.

How to find and use Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom (August 2022)


The core purpose of Radiant Shards is to unlock Disciple Slots in the Hall of Ancient Heroes. Players can then place the Cookies they want to upgrade in these slots. After a set amount of time, each Cookie placed in the disciple slot will receive a level upgrade, without players having to use any Star Jellies.

Earlier, the amount of time required to boost Cookie Levels was too enormous for players to consider doing it. However, later, with a direct boost to the EXP gained at the base level along with the ability to level up the statue (which boosts the EXP gained by Cookies even more), developers have made the Hall of Ancient Heroes an attractive proposition.

While the easiest way to obtain them in Cookie Run: Kingdom is via in-app purchases, many methods exist to obtain them consistently and in large quantities.


The best guaranteed way to get your hands on some Radiant Shards is by playing and replaying World Exploration levels, which list Radiant Shards in their rewards. Levels that indicate "Radiant Shards" specifically on the mission page should be preferred for the large-scale acquisition of this resource.

Additionally, investing in landmarks like the "Tree of Wishes" and the "Fountain of Abundance" is always a wise choice in Cookie Run: Kingdom given the host of benefits they provide. This includes a consistent supply of Radiant Shards in small quantities every few hours.


The Medal Shop is another avenue for access to rare materials in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Players can exchange 300 Medals of Victory for 100 Radiant Shards here, but they can only procure a maximum of 600 Radiant Shards in every cycle of the Medal Shop.

The Seaside Market also offers players the possibility of getting Radiant Shards with every ship they send out. There is no set exchange rate, as the number of Shards that players can get will change with the other items on the ship. Only Aurora Bricks can be traded for Radiant Shards in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

If players have exhausted all of these methods, Balloon Expeditions during high Super Success percentage times often grant Radiant Shards. Players should treat this as an absolute last resort since Stamina Jellies can be better used to replay the right World Exploration stages as well.

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