How Warzone's Iron Trials mode brings the TTK debate to a halt

Hop into Rebirth Island for Iron Trials mode in Warzone (Image via Activision)
Hop into Rebirth Island for Iron Trials mode in Warzone (Image via Activision)

Warzone introduced Iron Trials in the latest update. It is one of the fan-favorite modes for players who are tired of the meta abuse in the game. Iron Trials can only be played on Rebirth Island in the game. This brings a drastic change to how the Battle Royale game is played generally in normal modes.

🛠️ Live today!The arrival of Rebirth Iron Trials, adjustments to Vanguard Royale, and bug fixes! ⏲️ ETA: 10am PTThe Season Two Patch Notes have been amended (see Mar 3):…

Iron Trails have a few significant differences, and one of the major ones is the increase in player health. Every player in this mode has a base health of 250. This completely changes the time-to-kill of each weapon on the island. Even with loadout weapons, the time to kill increases significantly.

Warzone is quite famous for releasing overpowered weapons with ridiculously low TTKs. Currently, Bren and Automaton are a few of the best weapons in the game, and they kill extremely fast.

Marksman rifles are busted on iron trials........

Players have often complained that there is barely any reaction time if Bren shoots them down. However, the debate has come to a significant halt in Iron Trials.

Iron Trials on Warzone is more about skill than overpowered beams from broken weapons

The increase in base health means players need to stick in extra bullets on the enemy to confirm each kill in the Iron Trials mode on Rebirth Island. This allows players enough time to rescue themselves from the line of fire and turn on their enemies with all the skills they have in the game.


Campers in Warzone are the worst, and often players are killed within seconds by campers in the ending circles. This makes it difficult for aggressive players in the game. In Iron Trials, however, aggressive players have a chance to come out quickly with a bit of health before going down too soon to overpowered weapons.

The choice of weapon will matter a lot in this mode. So something like the M4A1 will probably take two whole magazines to get a kill with the rapid-fire build. Bren would still be the best in long-range, but snipers have a good chance of landing headshots before they die in the rampage from the hard-hitting LMG.


Players also need to be careful when selecting their fights. Rushing alone into an entire team with increased health is not a great idea as even overpowered weapons from close range will not be enough to shoot down 1000 plus health points without multiple reloads.

The TTK debate can now come to an end. Players who feel overpowered weapons are ruining the game can drop into Warzone Iron Trials to test their skills.

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