"I almost got killed": Corpse Husband on a near-death experience and how his life has changed since then

During an Among Us stream, Corpse Husband opened up about his change in fortune
During an Among Us stream, Corpse Husband opened up about his change in fortune

Internet sensation Corpse Husband recently recounted a near-death experience which he unfortunately had to face this year.

During an Among Us stream, the 23-year old YouTuber was speaking about his struggles with chronic illness and how his life has completely changed in the span of a few months.

While citing examples of what his life used to be like, before he blew up all over the internet, Corpse Husband went on to share a harrowing experience where a gun was pulled on him, which almost resulted in him getting murdered.

It is these kind of candid revelations that make him value his fans and new-found fame all the more, as he subsequently goes on to state how his life has completely turned around, for the better.

Corpse Husband opens up about his struggles, including a near-death experience


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Corpse Husband is one of the most popular YouTubers on the internet at the moment, having amassed millions of fans across the globe in a relatively short span of time.

However, his path to stardom has certainly been a bumpy one, replete with a fair share of ups and downs.

Apart from having social anxiety, Corpse Husband is also known to have various medical issues, which are a recurrent problem for him:

From being broke to donating thousands to charity, Corpse Husband has certainly come a long way and in the video above, he opens up about his painstaking journey so far:

"I can afford my medical bills now, luckily's weird like, being completely broke last month and then being able to donate ten thousand dollars to charity, like the next month. "
"My entire life has really switched around like its been a really weird year for sure, like I literally almost got killed earlier this year , like legitimately had a gun pulled to me, it was almost murder and then last month I was broke and now this ."

He also shares a heartfelt message where he appears thankful for all the support he has received so far, which in an age of cancel culture, can all change in the blink of an eye:

"I'm just living everyday like I'm going to lose everything tomorrow cause that's usually how things go right, like people blow up and then....I'm just trying to do as much good as I can ."

From the statements above, Corpse Husband comes across as humble and grateful, who despite having experienced immense popularity of late, believes in keeping his feet firmly grounded.

Like many others, he too is a product of his experiences, and it is due to the undying support of his loyal fans that he has been able to discover a whole new lease of life.

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