Corpse Husband reveals his handwriting, Twitter responds by trending #writingforcorpse 

Image via Corpse Husband/ Twitter
Image via Corpse Husband/ Twitter

The internet's favorite mystery man aka Corpse Husband recently left fans across the globe delighted, as he officially revealed what his handwriting looks like.

Alongside an official handwriting reveal, the 23-year old YouTuber also shared a tongue-in-cheek message for his fans, as he advised them not to drop out of school at the age of 12, lest their handwriting end up like his:

In the post above, you can see his casual scrawl where he simply writes "My handwriting is really bad, I am Corpse".

Despite him admitting it was "really bad", it was enough to send Twitter into a meltdown, as excited fans took the opportunity to start a whole new trend based on his handwriting, called #writingforcorpse.

Featuring thousands of tweets, the trend involves fans showcasing their respective handwriting like that of Corpse Husband:

Corpse Husband wins hearts online, as #writingforcorpse trends on Twitter

Corpse Husband constitutes one of the greatest mysteries of the internet in today's digital age, as the 23-year old YouTuber from San Diego, California has taken the online world by storm.

From starting as a Horror narrator on YouTube to making the transition to streaming Among Us, he has been a constant source of fascination for the online community, who just can't seem to get enough of his mysterious persona, faceless identity, and sonorous voice.

Moreover, his catchy music, unmissable fashion sense, and camaraderie with streamers such as Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and others, have further bolstered his image among fans around the globe.

The level of scrutiny involved in being a faceless YouTuber was always expected to be immense, as his identity continues to be a hotbed of speculation amongst fans.

Fans often eagerly await the tiniest of revelations related to Corpse Husband, which range from his hands to a single strand of hair, all of which have broken the internet upon revelation.

With his recent handwriting reveal, Corpse Husband ended up sending Twitter into a tizzy once again, as excited fans decided to pay tribute by showcasing their own handwriting, replete with thoughtful quotes and messages for him:

As #writingforcorpse continues to trend online, it just goes to show the immense influence Corpse Husband has upon his fans, who are more than willing to put his name on the trending page for even the smallest of reasons.

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