"I don't see a problem with 17 and 19": YouTuber Cr1tikals on CallMeCarson grooming allegations

Image via CallMeCarson, YouTube
Image via CallMeCarson, YouTube
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Following the allegations of pedophilia and grooming against YouTuber Carson “CallMeCarson” King, Twitch streamer/YouTuber Charles “Moistcr1tikal” White said that he doesn’t see any problem with two people aged 17 and 19 “getting together.”

CallMeCarson was first accused by Keemstar, who released a video interview along with former Lunch Club members, who Carson had himself confessed to. Since then, a Twitter user called Sam has come up with detailed allegations about Carson.

Apparently, the YouTuber had used his position of power to “groom” her when she was still 17 years old, and in high school. The pair met through a tweet, after which they began to exchange messages. Following the allegations, YouTuber “Moistcr1tikal” has now said that he sees no problem with a 19-year-old getting together with a 17-year-old.


YouTuber Moistcr1tikal comments on grooming allegations against CallMeCarson, sees no problem with “17 and 19”

In the video that can be seen below, the YouTuber can be seen talking to his viewers about the situation related to CallMeCarson. The allegations in question can be seen in the tweet below, along with the messages that were allegedly exchanged between the Twitter user and CallMeCarson.

Commenting about the situation, Moistcr1tikal talked about how nobody wants to see a 24-year-old getting together with a 16-year-old girl. However, he went on to talk about Carson’s overall situation and said that there was nothing wrong with a a 19-year-old getting together with a 17-year-old, as they were in same grade.

“But 19 and 17, that’s, again, I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s two years you’re literally in the same f***king grade. You are in the exact same f***king grade. I don’t see a problem with 19 and 17.”

This comes against the backdrop of most legal systems specifying 18 as the age when a person has the right to give sexual consent.

However, the attitude taken up by the YouTuber is one that is shared by quite a few people on the internet as well.

Image via Twitter Trends
Image via Twitter Trends


While most people obviously see the problem with the overall allegations, some like Moistcr1tikal have tried to defend Carson, including quite a few of his fans. Cr1tikal also stressed on the fact that his statement was not in said in defence of Carson. Rather, all he says is that the allegations aren't a case of pedophilia, considering the age difference is between a 17 and a 19-year old

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