“I’m going for X”: NRG Hamlinz says he would have wanted to date xQc if he was a girl

NRG Hamlinz called xQc “sexy” during a recent livestream (Image via xQc, Hamlinz)
NRG Hamlinz called xQc “sexy” during a recent livestream (Image via xQc, Hamlinz)

During a recent livestream, Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin claimed that he would have wanted to date Felix “xQc” Lengyel if he was a girl.

The former has only recently joined NRG after returning from a long hiatus from all kinds of social media. Hamlinz was earlier part of TSM, along with Daequan “Daequan” Loco.

The two creators/friends recently returned to mainstream social media and have been streaming regularly since August 2021. Regardless, during a recent livestream, Hamlinz saw an xQc post and ended up complimenting him hilariously.

NRG Hamlinz’s ‘fatal attraction’ towards xQc

The streamer also mentioned Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker when talking about the creators he thought were good-looking. As a result, many of HasanAbi’s viewers wanted him to watch the specific clip and react to Hamlinz’s claims.

HasanAbi watched a range of clips before he stumbled on the particular video in which Hamlinz could be seen complimenting xQc.

After watching a particular clip where xQc seemed to be on the cusp of an angry rant, NRG Hamlinz had the following to say:

“Dude, xQc is so sexy, man. If I was a girl and I could date any streamer, like I get it Hasan looks good, I get it Myth is handsome, I get it Daquan got DSLs. I don’t know, man. I am going for X. I am the great grandaddy. I think it’s the hair, bro.”

(Timestamp: 19:45)


NRG Hamlinz not only complimented xQc, but he also claimed that the likes of Ali “Myth” Kabbani, Daquan, and Hasan are all attractive creators. Hasan seemed impressed when he heard Hamlinz complimenting him and burst into laughter when he heard the particular characteristic of Daquan’s that was praised.

Regardless, while Hamlinz ended up claiming that xQc was the most attractive streamer around, the comments were obviously made as a joke. Hamlinz also complimented other creators like Myth, HasanAbi, and Daquan, although the latter might not be too impressed with the claims.

xQc has recently dominated Twitch statistics and has been the highest-earning content creator on the platform since around September 2019. Additionally, the Canadian has also been a permanent fixture in the list of the most viewed Twitch streamers for more than two years.

He is currently placed 11th with an average viewership of 57,437 and has 9.33 million followers on the platform.