"I wouldn't mind if you just said it": Pokimane responds to Mizkif calling him a "bit*h".

Pokimane and Mizkif recently ended up engaging in a hilarious "altercation."
Pokimane and Mizkif recently ended up engaging in a hilarious "altercation."
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During a recent live stream, Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo got into a hilarious “altercation” while playing League of Legends.

The two streamers had collaborated for a League of Legends stream. Pokimane called Mizkif by his real name, as the streamer responded by threatening to expose her real name as well.

When Pokimane said that she doesn’t mind being called by her real name, Mizkif called her a “b***h”. This resulted in a hilarious rant by Pokimane against Mizkif later, who accused him of “muting” the microphone before calling her the "name."


Pokimane goes on hilarious rant against Mizkif during recent League of Legends stream

During the live stream, Pokimane ended up using Mizkif’s real name to address him. In response, Mizkif said that he doesn’t call Pokimane by her real name, and suggested that she should not as well. However, Pokimane said that she will not mind if Mizkif used her real name, which is “Imane.”

In response, Mizkif went silent and eventually muttered the word “b***h.” Pokimane did not hear Mizkif calling her the name, and continued with the stream. It was only later that she found out what Mizkif had said, leading to a hilarious rant by the streamer.

“I wouldn’t mind if you would have just said it, you know? Next time, don’t mute, don’t mute, you little b***h. Here is the difference between me and you. Me? I am a b***h. You? You are a p***y b***h!”

While the conversation was obviously part of some harmless banter that the two streamers shared, Mizkif claimed that he had actually not “muted” the mic when he called Pokimane by her “real name.”

However, Pokimane refused to entertain his claims and responded with an obscene insult of her own, as can be seen in the clip.

The discussion has since inspired a Reddit thread. Most people found the exchange hilarious, with Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter also taking to Twitter to question Mizkif. As can be seen in the post above, Mizkif had a rather hilarious response to Valkyrae, even if Pokimane’s rant had earlier caught him by surprise.

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