Pokimane speaks to her alleged boyfriend on live stream, forgets to mute herself 

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

In a recent clip which has started doing the rounds online, Pokimane forgets to mute herself while speaking to her alleged boyfriend on live stream.

This incident reportedly took place during a Twitch stream with popular internet personality Ryan Higa, where Pokimane can be heard speaking to someone in the background and after initial confusion, the others eventually recognize who she is speaking to.

The nature of Pokimane's conversation and the reactions of the others that quickly mute her are sure to stir up speculation online.

This is because she seemed to be having a rather candid conversation with her long-rumoured boyfriend on live stream, all while forgetting to mute herself.

Pokimane forgets to mute herself while speaking to alleged boyfriend on live stream

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers in the world today and has amassed millions of fans across the globe.

From cultivating a "kawaii" online persona which has won over millions, to dominating the streaming charts with her gaming/interactive streams, Pokimane is undoubtedly a force to reckon with in the world of streaming.

Despite her popularity, she often finds herself embroiled in controversy. This is mostly due to the nature of her overbearing fans who are commonly referred to as simps.

In fact, one of the biggest fiascos surrounding her was the 'Pokimane Boyfriend' rumour, which triggered a cascade of emotions online, especially amongst her fans.

Since then, Pokimane has stated that she intends to keep her personal life private and has remained tight-lipped about whether she has a boyfriend or not.

However, recently, a clip has surfaced online where a small slip-up could very well re-ignite the boyfriend rumours once again. She can be heard saying:

"I was excited for you to come here because it felt like a time where you were working around me being busy, when I tried so hard to work around you being busy during the off-season and this time right now is a bit of a tough....."

She is interrupted all of a sudden, as the others desperately try to warn her, only to end finally end up muting her, for her own good:

"Who are you talking to....Wait Imane! I muted her, I muted her.....Does she not know? "

Given the nature of her conversation and the urgency of the others to quickly mute her, it did seem like this particular conversation was not meant to be heard. It could have very well been Pokimane speaking to her alleged boyfriend.

Check out some of the responses online, as fans reacted to this recent clip:

Image via Twitch Clips Library/ YouTube
Image via Twitch Clips Library/ YouTube
Image via Twitch Clips Library/ YouTube
Image via Twitch Clips Library/ YouTube

Some even tagged Keemstar, who had a major role to play in the Pokimane boyfriend rumours:

Despite it already being a few months since the entire controversy, it appears that interest in Pokimane's boyfriend continues to remain sky-high.

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