"I've had worse": The MrBeast Burger review ft. ReviewBrah 

ReviewBrah recently gave his verdict on the MrBeast Burger
ReviewBrah recently gave his verdict on the MrBeast Burger
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Popular YouTuber and food critic John Jurasek aka ReviewBrah recently gave a highly anticipated verdict on the MrBeast Burger that has taken the nation by storm.

In the latest video posted on his channel, TheReportOfTheWeek, the 23-year old YouTuber tries out the main dishes on MrBeast's ambitious fast food restaurant chain, MrBeast Burger.

Ever since Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast announced his foray into the restaurant business, the hype surrounding MrBeast Burger has been off the charts.

His endeavour also managed to catch the eye of ReviewBrah recently, who is known for his well-informed verdicts on a wide array of dishes and beverages.

His subtle tease would finally came to fruition with this video; focussing entirely on MrBeast Burger, as he samples each of the main items on the menu and gives his verdict on the same.

ReviewBrah on the MrBeast Burger


ReviewBrah is known for his food review series called Running on Empty, and in the latest feature he tries his hand at the MrBeast Burger with fans watching on in eagerly.

He displays each of the items that he will be trying and these include: a signature MrBeast style burger, A Chicken Tender Sandwich, A Chocolate Chip Cookie and Seasoned Crinkled Fries.

He first tries out the MrBeast style burger, which he describes as "a standard cheeseburger".

However, he was pleased to see just the right amount of sauce in the burger, as opposed to the "watery mess" that he's sometimes used to.

"It's not bad at all, when I saw that this burger had mayo, ketchup and mustard on it and sometimes, there's too much sauce on it and it's like this watery mess and that was my initial concern ,but the good news is that that did not happen"

He also goes on to say that the burger is good and addresses the concerns of people being served undercooked, raw food. He reveals that the burger he ordered seemed to be medium well-done and cooked on the whole.

On the plus side, ReviewBrah praised the burger for being tender, juicy and rich in flavour. When it came to the cons, he raised concern with the dough buns and believed them to be a bit too chewy.

"It's a standard fast food burger.....the bun just seems to be like just a little too doughy or chewy , they seemed to be more bun than anything else. Out of 10, I'll give this a 7 out of 10. "

He went on to try the fries, cookie and Chicken Tender Burger. The former received sufficient praise relative to the Chicken Tenders, which he feels could have been a bit more tender:

"Chicken could be a bit more on the tender side but I've had worse so I'm not vomiting it up is what I'm trying to say !"

On the whole, he sums it up by calling the MrBeast Burger fare "pretty good, but basic" and encourages fans to give it a try because it ultimately serves as a major boost to local and small businesses.

In light of his recent review, fans were mostly quite satisfied with the verdict.

Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube
Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube
Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube
Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube
Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube
Image via TheReportOfTheWeek/ YouTube

With MrBeast Burger passing the ReviewBrah test, fans are certainly thankful for this unique crossover and will now be hoping for a response from MrBeast himself.

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