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"I wake up with heart palpatations": Corpse Husband reveals how social media takes a toll on his anxiety

Image via Corpse Husband
Image via Corpse Husband
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Corpse Husband gave more details about how much his image really affects his mindset.

According to his tweet, Corpse Husband wakes up in the middle of the night and checks to see if he is still popular. He cares so much about his image that the thought of not being popular keeps him up at night. It's pretty severe, and if he's this bad when he's in his prime, then getting canceled could kill him.

Many stars, celebrities, and influencers are concerned with their image, but their image is what makes them so much money. When someone starts making contracts or becoming more visible in the public realm, they become a brand of their own. The value of that brand becomes what the influencer thinks their worth is.

Corpse has so many illnesses that keep him from being at his best physically. This newfound success and fame is a big part of what makes his life good, and losing it would be a lot to take in. According to Corpse, the thought of it is something that causes him heart palpitations.

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Corpse Husband has a genuine community that cares about and values his work. More than just a YouTuber, he is a musician with a lot of fans. Generally speaking, the more he branches out, the less likely he is to be canceled, which seems to be his greatest fear.


Corpse Husband already goes to a therapist, so he will hopefully concentrate more on self-worth than external value.

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Other streamers face the same issues as Corpse Husband

Jacksepticeye and Karl Jacobs, two streamers who play very different games, expressed the same sentiment. According to the tweets below, they care a lot about how fans see them on social media.

Jacksepticeye provided advice with his Tweet, which is advice many streamers use. KSI and Pewdiepie have left Twitter due to media criticism, and KSI himself supposedly quit Twitter following a scandal. Although social media has built the empires of these internet celebrities, it also has the potential to destroy their mental state.

These streamers understand what Corpse Husband is going through and have their own solutions. Corpse Husband should follow Jacksepticeye’s advice and stay off of social media until he feels better.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 21:40 IST
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