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“I wish I wasn’t straight”: Throwback to when Pokimane and Valkyrae opened up about their sexual orientation

Pokimane and Valkyrae talked about their sexuality on an OTV podcast
Pokimane and Valkyrae talked about their sexuality on an OTV podcast
Rishabh B.
Modified 23 Jan 2021

During an Offline TV Podcast uploaded in March 2020, Pokimane, Valkyrae, and other members touched on topics concerning their sexuality.

It all started with Valkyrae insisting that the group talk more about “girl things,” given that the whole theme of the podcast revolves around it. LilyPichu, an OTV member and Twitch streamer, responded to Valkyrae’s statement with the following:

“So, guys, you like boys?”

The seemingly simple question initiated an array of responses from the other OTV members present during the podcast. Pokimane was one of the first to respond with a rather witty statement:

“Sometimes I don’t know,” after which Valkyrae followed up almost immediately, stating boldly that she “wishes” that she wasn’t straight. The wish's sentiment had to do with their inability to understand boys, which Pokimane explained right after.

She followed up her statement with how they are bound by their sexual orientation and cannot defy.

"It's a bit beyond you"

In agreement, Valkyrae explained that she has in the past actually given thoughts to whether or not she is attracted to girls. However, Valkyrae explained that while she has all the respect in the world for women, she isn’t attracted to the same gender.


Gamer boys and their attributes

Watch: OTV “Girls Talk” Podcast featuring Valkyrae (the Incident mentioned below starts at the 30:00 minute mark).

Pokimane and Valkyrae discuss their sexuality on the OTV podcast

Soon after the group concluded talking about their sexuality, Valkyrae, yet again, brought up “Gamer boys,” to which Pokimane responded with, “Wow, that’s just another breed,” causing Valkyrae to burst into laughter.

The League of Legends community's general perception is that it’s a “toxic” community, said Valkyrae. She agreed with that sentiment, also adding, “Yeah, League is scary.”

Both Yvonne and LilyPichu also narrated incidents where they were approached by overly-caring male players who promised to carry them for the rest of the game. LilyPichu mentioned that not all of those promises were kept. When her character died in the game, the same guy sent out a public message that read ‘LilyPichu sucks.’

Published 21 Jan 2021, 17:08 IST
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