Valkyrae edges Pokimane to emerge as the most-watched female streamer of 2020

Image Via The Sports Rush
Image Via The Sports Rush

Valkyrae has emerged just above Pokimane as the most-watched female streamer of 2020, displayed in the latest streaming stats put together by Stream Hatchet.

Stream Hatchet released many metrics for anyone to look at when it comes to streaming across both Twitch and YouTube. In one section, female streamer growth was compared, and the top five female streamers of 2020 were revealed.

While Pokimane may have been the top female streamer for hours watched in the past, Valkyrae edged Pokimane out of the top spot by the end of the year. The numbers were very close, with Valkyrae at 23.6 million hours watched, and Pokimane watched 23.3 million hours.

The rise of Valkyrae and female streaming stats across Twitch and YouTube


Many additional statistics displayed how the female side of streaming has improved on Twitch and YouTube.

One of the aspects attributed to their growth was brands leveraging growth from female streamers, such as Amazon and Bumble. Across Twitch, plenty of female streamers have those sponsors which have been useful partners.

Perhaps the most striking part of the information was the rise of Valkyrae on YouTube. It was no surprise that Valkyrae had grown a ton as one of the top streamers in general online. Valkyrae even won Content Creator of the Year at the 2020 Game Awards in December.

Her journey truly began to propel after she moved her stream as an exclusive on YouTube gaming, as well as signing to 100 Thieves as a content creator for Nadeshot's brand.

While everyone was aware of her meteoric success, the stats really highlight just how expansive it was. Between January and December of 2020, Valkyrae had a 7,304% rise in Hours Watched compared to her previous stats.

Valkyrae and Pokimane might have been incredibly close in hours watched, but Valkyrae grew an immense amount in terms of popularity to even get there. It's certainly an impressive feat.

According to Stream Hatchet, the former have also continued to close the gap between female and male streamers' popularity. Valkyrae ended up as the number 63 on the list of streamers across all sites.

Stream Hatchet also included a poll from YouGov that revealed females make up about 30% of gaming streams. Out of the top 250 streamers, females also make up about 2% of the total demographic.

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