Valkyrae doubles Pokimane's viewership to emerge as the most-watched female streamer in November 2020 

Valkyrae was the most-watched female streamer in November 2020
Valkyrae was the most-watched female streamer in November 2020

Rachel Hofstetter, aka Valkyrae, continues to make waves in the streaming circuit as she has just emerged as the most-watched female streamer for the month of November 2020.

Ever since she made the switch to YouTube from Twitch last year, Valkyrae has witnessed an unprecedented rise in popularity, which largely stems from her wholesome Among Us streams recently.

In a Twitter post, Stream Hatchet recently revealed the official viewership figures for female streamers for the month of November 2020, where Valkyrae took the first spot, with a clear lead over her peers such as zbing z, Hafu and Pokimane.

What's also interesting to note is that Valkyrae's viewership figures are almost double of Imane "Pokimane" Anys, who has millions of more followers on Twitch as well as YouTube.

A remarkable achievement which is sure to bolster her streaming career, Valkyrae's dream run invited several congratulatory messages from her fans online.

Valkyrae climbs her way to the top of the streaming charts


Valkyrae has certainly come a long way since she began her active streaming career back in 2018.

From starting out as a GameStop employee to making the switch to full-time streaming, she eventually went on to become the first female content creator to be signed to esports and lifestyle organization, 100 Thieves.

In January 2020, she signed exclusively with YouTube and has since then been dominating the charts with her Among Us videos.


This year, in particular, has been a monumental one for Valkyrae, with her streams consistently raking in stellar viewership figures:

Valkyrae has been so successful in 2020 that she has also earned a prestigious nomination for Content Creator of the Year at the upcoming Game Awards.

In the official blog post by Stream Hatchet, YouTube was revealed to have taken a clear lead over Twitch in the department of female streamers, led by Valkyrae:

Image via Stream Hatchet
Image via Stream Hatchet

On realizing her achievement for the month of November, Valkyrae took to Twitter to thank all her fans and supporters:

She also followed it up with a motivational message on how numbers do not determine one's worth, adding that it is effort and consistency that ultimately matters in the long run:

After her stellar viewership figures for the month of November were revealed, several people from the online community responded by extending congratulatory messages towards her:

With Valkyrae entering 2021 on the back of an extremely successful year, fans will eagerly be waiting to see what greater heights lie in store for the world's most popular female streamer in the world at the moment.

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