What is Valkyrae really like off-camera ? 

Image Credits: Yahoo Finance
Image Credits: Yahoo Finance

A popular name in the streaming circuit, Rachel 'Valkyrae' Hofstetter is a well-known gamer and content creator for lifestyle brand/gaming organisation 100 Thieves.

From being the first female gamer to sign for the organisation to officially signing with YouTube as a content creator earlier this year, Valkyrae has come a long way since the early days of her career.

She also has a thriving social media presence, with around 1.41 million subscribers on YouTube. She recently crossed the 2 million follower mark on Instagram:

The content creator has collaborated with the likes of Ninja, Pokimane, Nadeshot and several others throughout her career, and is regarded as one of the most entertaining streamers online.

She gained further prominence with her recent Among Us streams, where her stealth kills and deceptive ploys have become quite the talk of the town.

However, despite being one of the most famous faces on the internet today, not many really know what the 28-year-old star is really like off-camera, and about her journey so far.

The story of Valkyrae


Valkyrae grew up in Washington, DC, before eventually moving to Los Angeles, California. She had a penchant for retro games from the young age of 6, when her mother gifted her, her first gaming console.

During her early days, she worked at GameStop as an employee for about a year and a half. It was not until 2015 that Valkyrae gradually began to make a name for herself in the streaming world, and with the support of her followers on Instagram, she was persuaded to give Twitch streaming a shot.

This decision of hers eventually turned out to be a game-changer as she began to rake in stellar viewership numbers during her streams of games such as Bloodborne and The Walking Dead.

Soon, she caught the eye of prominent esports outfit, 100 Thieves, and was roped in by Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag as a content creator, where she is one of the top personalities today.

In January this year, Valkyrae made one of the most significant decisions of her streaming career, when she announced the switch over from Twitch to Youtube.

Post signing an exclusive deal with YouTube, she is one of their most popular content creators today, where she streams Among Us and releases reaction videos.


When it comes to her personal life, Valkyrae was dating fellow Twitch streamer Michael 'Sonii' Sherman for a few years, until their recent split.

While Valkyrae streams on YouTube currently, Sonii can be spotted streaming on YouTube as well as Twitch, in addition to joining T1 esports.

Despite not being together anymore, the two seem to share an amicable relationship and currently seem to be focussing on their respective careers.

Valkyrae with Sony, during happier times (Image Credits: Rae/ Twitter)
Valkyrae with Sony, during happier times (Image Credits: Rae/ Twitter)

She has also participated in special Fortnite events, particularly the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-AM, where she has teamed up with the likes of music producer Murda Beatz and NFL player Justin Jones.

She also has a unique perspective on Simping culture and white-knights. In a Q&A interview, she stated that she genuinely appreciated the compliments which tend to come her way.


She has risen through the ranks to become one of the most prominent social media influencers today. Valkyrae has certainly earned her position as one of the top content creators on YouTube, who is worth millions today.

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