Valkyrae breaks 2 million subscribers after streaming Among Us

(Image Credit: @100Thieves on Twitter)
(Image Credit: @100Thieves on Twitter)

Valkyrae, a member of 100 Thieves, has recently earned over 2 million subscribers on YouTube following the adoption of Among Us as part of her content stream.

The so-called “Among Us boost” is the measured growth of content creators and streamers following the massive success of Among Us. Valkyrae’s most recent milestone can be, in part, attributed to her participation in one of the most famous Among Us playgroups on the internet.

Explaining the Among Us boost

One important distinction is that merely playing Among Us is not a recipe for success. Due to the structure of play Among Us offers, it gives streamers a chance to showcase their own personalities and allows them to pull viewers to their own content. That is to say that what Valkyrae achieved can’t simply be summed up as playing Among Us. Her success is the result of her addictive personality and entertaining gameplay.

Nonetheless, the role Among Us played can’t be ignored. Over on Twitch, many of the fastest growing Twitch channels feature players from the same playgroup, suggesting that the game in general, and this playgroup in specific, are contributing some amount of growth to these various streamers.

Valkyrae’s growth by the numbers

In celebration of her newest milestone, Valkyrae published her YouTube stream stats on Twitter. While there is a significant leap in her numbers around August and September, around the time that Among Us started to affect content creators everywhere, her numbers showed steady growth all year.

In January she averaged a little over 1,100 viewers for her streams, which steadily grew throughout the year until July, where she made it to more than 5,400 average viewers. The last two months her numbers have jumped to over 31,000 average viewers, showing how important a little visibility can be for helping someone’s channel grow.

Valkyrae is right to be proud of her success, but it will be interesting to see where she, like so many other content creators, will be, once the Among Us content landscape levels out.

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