Among Us: What fastest growing Twitch streamers have in common

(Image Credit: @Ayukirinn on Twitter) Among Us fanart for Sykkuno
(Image Credit: @Ayukirinn on Twitter) Among Us fanart for Sykkuno

Among Us streamers everywhere have seen their Twitch stats grow since the game's rediscovery.

Whether big, small, old, or new, Among Us has caused a notable and measurable boost for streamers everywhere. Currently, many of the fastest growing Twitch channels are those that jumped on board and started streaming Among Us with friends.

Who are the fastest growing Among Us streamers on Twitch

(Image Credit: TwitchTracker)
(Image Credit: TwitchTracker)

Disclaimer: While DisguisedToast is currently the most well known Among Us streamer, he streams through Facebook Gaming instead of Twitch, and so he will not be included.

When we look at the fastest growing Twitch channels, it’s no surprise that one of the most successful, is a recognizable Among Us streamer. Sykkuno’s channel has earned more than 624,000 followers in the last month, likely owing to his recognizability in DisguisedToast’s YouTube videos.

During the last 30 days, 78% of Sykkuno’s streams have been Among Us, accounting for an average viewer count of 37,203. For comparison, his average viewer count in March of the same year was only at 1,297.

Also on the list is IBAI, the fourth fastest growing Twitch account. Over the last month, his stream has seen more than 565,000 new followers, and roughly a third of his total stream time during that period has been Among Us. While League of Legends has remained his most played game, Among Us has seen his highest average viewers at 86,717. In March, his channel average was 23,507.

Established streamers benefit from Among Us as well

Other well established streamers have seen a boost in their viewer counts as well. xQc has seen steady growth on his Twitch channel over the last two years, but still experienced a notable spike in August of this year. While his average viewers saw a massive spike and drop recently, his views have steadily climbed back up to his April spike. Over the last 30 days, he’s earned 467,000 new followers and played Among Us roughly 15% of the time.

However, perhaps the most well established Among Us streamer is Pokimane. Poki already has the sixth highest follower count on Twitch, with 6.24 million, but she has still managed to add another 453,000 over just the last month. During that time, Among Us has been Poki’s most streamed game, adding up to over 71% of her streams.

The Among Us Effect

Among Us has provided a significant boost to so many streamers, and while more well established streamers have been better suited to take advantage of the game than others, many smaller channels have seen significant growth as well.

This is, in part, because Among Us is best played with a group of friends. This means that when a big streamer plays the game, smaller streamers in the lobby receive a boost as well. It isn’t too surprising that the fastest growing Twitch streamer regularly plays with Myth, Pokimane, DisguisedToast, and the internet’s most recent sensation - Corpse Husband.

The social aspect of Among Us often means that these “guest streamers” get to showcase their personalities to audiences that may be vastly different from their own, some of whom may in turn follow those they like.

Streaming is all about making good content, and Among Us has been one of the best sources for content in a while. Social deduction games have been around long before streaming, but Among Us is arguably the first social dedication game to have filled the niche so successfully.

This kind of boost may continue to linger a while. Even though the player and average viewer count for Among Us has dropped since late September, it doesn’t seem to have stopped benefiting its streamers.

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