Iconic villain Scar is set for Disney Dreamlight Valley debut - Release date, what to expect, and more

Scar will be making his debut very soon (Image via Gameloft)
Scar will be making his debut very soon (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a grand success despite the title still being in early access. The developers have consistently added new content, and Lion King's Scar is set to debut very soon. With the upcoming release, Scar will be the first of many who have arrived at the game in early access.

Since its launch, the game has found tons of success from the gaming community, who have liked what's on offer. A mixture of simulation and RPG, players can experience unique gameplay that revolves around all the iconic characters of Disney and Pixar. Heroes and villains are present and play different roles in this game.

It will get more interesting as the next big update will make several additions. Apart from Scar, changes are being made to some of the existing mechanics of Disney Dreamlight Valley. A new Star Path will also be available, allowing players to earn various new items.

Disney Dreamlight Valley's roster is set to grow further

All heroes and villains have lost their memories, and the players' role is to help them recover. Along the road, they will meet many of these iconic characters, interact with them and complete various quests of diverse nature.

Tap into your villainous side with the first major content update and a new Star Path, available October 19th.

Not much is known about Scar's role in the game and what kind of background story he will have. His backstory will likely have a backstory that will be adapted for the overall setting of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The update is scheduled for October 19, and Scar will probably be a part of it.

The update will be accessible on all platforms, and all new content must be accessed. A new Star Path will follow the old one, but exact details about its content remain unknown for the time being.

Scar's entry is less of a surprise as there have been plenty of teasers in the past. Disney Dreamlight Valley has a specific region resembling the Lion King franchise setting. The iconic villain has previously been present in the promotional art and teasers of the game. Moreover, the developers had already hinted about his entry in a mini roadmap.


The upcoming update could also be the start of Halloween celebrations, but this is a hunch. Recent leaks about the forthcoming character show some spooky elements in the GIF, which could be the biggest hint. It remains to be seen if those were part of the theme or have more substance.

Scar won't be the latest addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The mini roadmap showcased what's to be added in the upcoming days, and characters from Toy Story will likely be the next.

Since its launch, fans have loved the game and what it has offered them. In many senses, the offering is unique in the way it blends simulation with RPG elements, and the story feels refreshing. While there are issues in the game, expectations are along the lines that early access will resolve most of them.

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