"If I return to being an esports player, I can't focus on other aspects of my life": Hastar shares thoughts on Battlegrounds Mobile India

Hastar is a former PUBG Mobile pro (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hastar is a former PUBG Mobile pro (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ajay Assudani

Gopal "Hastar" Sarda is a Redowl Gaming content creator whose YouTube channel has around 100K subscribers. He is a retired top-tier professional PUBG Mobile player who played for Godlike Esports, owned by another well-known YouTuber, Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude.

Following the game's ban, Hastar shifted to content creation and left the competitive gaming space.

During his early days in competitive gaming, he was known as Carry, but he later changed his in-game name and social media handles to Hastar for undisclosed reasons.

In this exclusive article with Sportskeeda Esports' Ajay Assudani, the prominent member of the gaming community shares his thoughts on Krafton's exclusive title for India, Battlegrounds Mobile India. Given his background in competitive gaming and content creation, it will be interesting to hear what the icon thinks about the game's release.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

Hastar talks about Battlegrounds Mobile India

Q: When do you think Battlegrounds Mobile India will be released?

Hastar: First and foremost, I am ecstatic that Battlegrounds Mobile India is making its way to the country, as most of my channel's viewers are familiar with me due to my competitive gameplay.

Regarding the game's release, there is a lot of buzz surrounding it, and I believe it will be released between June 10th and June 15th. If not, the month of July could be promising.

Q: In what ways will the release of the game affect you?

Hastar: There will be a significant impact. Everyone knows me because of my performance and gameplay, and the game's release will have a massive effect on me.

I will be able to create good quality content because people are already familiar with the game's mechanics. I will no longer need to introduce them to something new.

Q: Do you plan to return to the esports side of the industry or want to stick with content creation?

Hastar: With the return of the game, the esports scene in the country will undoubtedly boom. Being an esports athlete requires ten to twelve hours of practice per day to stay on top.

If I return to being an esports player, I will be unable to focus on other aspects of my life, so I will continue to create high-quality content to entertain people.

Q: Anything that you would like to include in-game or outside the game?

Hastar: One change I'd like to see with the new title is that bots at the Ace or Conqueror rank should not be allowed in the room. As the country has a large player base, matchmaking should not be an issue, so bots should be removed.

I believe that people have realized that they should not rely on a single factor in their lives. In this pandemic, I've learned one thing: nothing is permanent; you have to live your life, do what you want (for me, that's entertaining people with content), and live fully.

I plan to create a lot of vlog content in the near future, and my organization has a bootcamp in Gurgaon that will help me do so.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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