“I’m launching PUBG”: Dr Disrespect accidentally makes a return to PUBG

Dr Disrespect recently made an accidental return to PUBG. (Image via Dr Disrespect)
Dr Disrespect recently made an accidental return to PUBG. (Image via Dr Disrespect)

Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV made an accidental return to PUBG during a recent live stream.

Dr Disrespect was playing Halo Infinite along with Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar. However, his system seemingly decided to launch PUBG on its own as he was running around the map.

Dr Disrespect was obviously surprised, as Tim burst into laughter. The streamer has previously claimed multiple times that he will not be playing PUBG anymore, due to a myriad of reasons.

Dr Disrespect hilariously makes an accidental return to PUBG

Dr Disrespect was chasing an opponent during a Halo Infinite match. The streamer apparently lost control of his controller as the PUBG loading screen popped up on its own:

“I lost control of my controller. I’m launching PUBG. I’m dead serious.”
😂 @drdisrespect's computer REALLY wanted him to play PUBG I guess..

TimTheTatman claimed that it was just not the Doc’s day, and could hardly control his laughter. Tim claimed that Dr Disrespect's computer was trying to troll him. However, Dr Disrespect accidentally pressed the start button which launched the Steam Big Picture Mode.

This somehow led to PUBG launching on his system. Dr Disrespect was left confused and could not figure out how to quit the game. He eventually asked his friends how to disable the Steam Big Picture mode.

However, TimTheTatman and the Doc’s other friends could not help but burst into laughter. Dr Disrespect famously quit PUBG back in 2019 after evidently getting frustrated at the extent of hackers and cheaters in the game.

He recently took part in PUBG Mobile’s 13 Days of Halloween event in October 2021. The Doc has tried his hand at PUBG regularly since 2020 as well. He rage-quit the game during a December 2019 stream after getting "killed" by a hacker. The streamer criticized PUBG’s developers and claimed that the game was broken.


In recent months, Dr Disrespect has spent the majority of his streaming time playing various games from COD to Halo. After the latest experience, the Doc can be expected to not return to PUBG for the time being.

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