Injustice 3 leaked roster includes Beast Boy and Terry McGinnis' Batman Beyond

Injustice 3 leaked roster includes Beast Boy and Terry McGinnis' Batman Beyond (Image by Bosslogic, Sportskeeda)
Injustice 3 leaked roster includes Beast Boy and Terry McGinnis' Batman Beyond (Image by Bosslogic, Sportskeeda)

The long-rumored Injustice 3 will be revealed at The Games Awards this year with a targeted release date of May 2022, according to a recent leak.

Over the last decade, NetherRealm Studios and Ed Boon have been alternating between Mortal Kombat and Injustice titles bi-annually. The Injustice games have established themselves as one of the best fighting game franchises, borrowing quite a few moves from the Mortal Kombat series.


According to a recent leak over on 4chan, the Injustice 3 roster will consist of over 30 fighters from DC Comics, with more joining in as fighter pack expansions.

Injustice 3 leaked roster includes old and new characters from DC comics

A recent anonymous post over on 4chan claims to have spilled the beans regarding Injustice 3. As there are no official sources, this information should be taken with a huge grain of salt.


According to the leaker, the launch roster as well as the fighter pack 1 roster for Injustice 3 will be as follows.

Base Roster

  1. Aquaman
  2. Ocean Master
  3. Batman (Terry McGinnis)
  4. Beast Boy
  5. Black Canary
  6. Blue Beetle / Green Beetle
  7. Booster Gold
  8. Cheshire
  9. Constantine
  10. Cyborg
  11. Deathstroke
  12. Flash / Impulse
  13. Green Arrow
  14. Green Lantern (John Stewart / Guy Gardner)
  15. Harley Quinn
  16. Joker
  17. King Shark
  18. Lex Luthor
  19. Metallo
  20. Mirror Master
  21. Nekron
  22. Poison Ivy
  23. Ra’s al Ghul
  24. Raven
  25. Red Tornado
  26. Robin
  27. Nightwing
  28. Supergirl
  29. Superman
  30. Wonder Woman / Artemis
  31. (Pre-Order) Anti-Monitor

Fighter Pack 1

  1. Etrigan
  2. Livewire
  3. Johnny Cage
  4. Killer Croc

The leaker further adds,

He-Man, Neo and Fire God Liu Kang will be the remaining 3 guest characters but I am unsure of the rest of the DLC on the DC side of the characters. One thing I am sure of is that there will be 4 Fighter Packs, each containing 3 characters and 1 brand new Premier Skin.

Regarding the gameplay, the leaker mentions,

Several characters will be borrowing ideas from the previous Netherrealm Studios game in terms of gameplay and specials (as they always do). For instance; Red Tornado will borrow from MK11’s Fujin, Metallo will borrow from MK11’s Terminator and Constantine will borrow from MK11’s Shang Tsung.

'Injustice 3 Gods Will Fall' reveal to possibly take place at The Games Awards

The leaks claim that The Games Awards 2021 as the official announcement platform with Geoff Keighley and Ed Boon. The launch window is expected to be around May 2022. While that is plausible, DC Fandom seems to be a more likely platform for a DC game to debut, similar to Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League last year.

A recent leak from the Nvidia GeForce Now database also revealed “Injustice 3 Gods Will Fall” as an upcoming title. Considering a few of the titles have already been proven to be true, this could end up being the name of the game.

While it is uncertain if Injustice 3 is coming or not, one thing is for sure, the fanbase is anticipating the game with patience.

Note: The leaks discussed in the article above is simply speculation based on an unconfirmed rumor, this in no way confirms Injustice 3 as an upcoming game.

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