"Invaded for no reason": xQc points finger at OSU community for r/place drama

xQc and OSU creator BTMC argue over r/place drama (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc and OSU creator BTMC argue over r/place drama (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The most-watched Twitch streamer of 2021, xQc, has landed himself in hot water. He got into an argument with OSU! content creator BTMC over territorial conflicts in the wildly hyped r/place during one of his recent streams.

xQc, who is well known for keeping up with the latest events on the internet, ventured into r/place during the stream. The content creator/gamer encouraged his community to quite literally mark their presence on the map in the pixel-based game.

But it looks like the altercations relating to invasions that have affected multiple creators since the relaunch of r/place have not spared the former Overwatch professional either, who referred to BTMC's actions and said:

"We were invaded for no reason."

Warning: Video contains profanity.

xQc accuses OSU creator for "overwhelming" his logo in r/place

In the latest stream, which heavily featured the FPS expert playing popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Valorant, the Twitch star also attempted to leave a mark on r/place by recreating his iconic symbol in the game.

Based on the stream, it seems as if the variety content creator was initially quite successful in pulling it off, and even used an outline methodology.

Twitch streamer speaks on r/place drama (Images via Twitter/xQc)
Twitch streamer speaks on r/place drama (Images via Twitter/xQc)

However, it looks like the OSU community has other plans.

The pixel-based game thrives on constant community interaction, where users pool in their efforts to create/recreate symbols or icons of their choice.

In one of the most recent streams, xQc was having a conversation with BTMC during which the latter explained how he and his community were able to dominate in r/place and even claimed:

"We were starting to create alliances even before r/place existed. That's how we were able to put ourselves on the map that quickly."

Of course, QC had quite a unique response to it and questioned BTMC, saying:

"Is that before or after you became so fragile? Before or after?"

He did not stop there. Adding salt to the wound, he further explained his questions and stated:

"It seems like anything that happens around the logo, you guys start crying like a bunch of *******. When did that happen?"

BTMC had a fairly surprising answer to the question that only seemed to dig a deeper hole. He replied:

"Well, that's true. That's because we had to make alliances in order to survive at the early game."

The answer did not seem to satisfy the Twitch king. He further explained that his logo included an outline which was far from the OSU community's logo. However, it was "invaded for no reason". BTMC responded by accepting the accusation but pinned it on the former Overwatch player for invading their allies.

xQc was quite unhappy with the response and claimed the OSU community was "overwhelming" his logo.

The accusations went back and forth before the Luminosity Gaming content creator offered two ways to resolve the issue: either handle the situation diplomatically, or battle it out for each pixel on the map.

Both the streamers and their community tuned in to invading each other's as well as other creators' logos across the map, and fans were loving it.

xqc vs. osu, the battle of the century
xQc's attempting to destroy osu using sheer numbers, but pissed off so many communities in the process that they're managing to actually turn the tides. This shit is top tier entertainment.

It is interesting to note that at the time of this writing, xQc's logo cannot be spotted on the map, whereas the OSU symbol still stands strong in r/place.

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