"Let's do some fun s**t": Mizkif talks about r/Place battle against various streaming communities on Reddit

Mizkif was joined by content creator Susu_jpg during one of his latest streams (Images via Mizkif and susu_jpg/Twitter)
Mizkif was joined by content creator Susu_jpg during one of his latest streams (Images via Mizkif and susu_jpg/Twitter)

Twitch content creator Matthew "Mizkif" was seen livestreaming earlier today where he waged an all-out war against various streaming communities on Reddit in order to plant a foothold during the April Fool's Day event happening on Reddit.

A new seasonal event called Place or r/Place, is a white canvas where various communities come together and leave their mark on the canvas through pixelated artwork. People can collaborate together and place pixels on the white canvas in order to make art. The first twelve hours of the subreddit can be viewed below.

Mizkif, being one of the most ambitious streamers on the purple platform, decided to put his many viewers to work and establish a unique art for this limited time event. Speaking about it, the American Twitch streamer explained the scenario when he stated that:

"So, I went on here and I'm like, let's do some fun s**t."

Mizkif explains about r/Place to susu_jpg during one of his latest livestreams

The Twitch streamer had been livestreaming for around four hours, with his main objective being to mark his foothold on the r/Place subreddit. He was joined by fellow content creator Susu_jpg, popularly known as Susu, who is active on various platforms like Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Similarly, Twitch powerhouse Felix "xQc" was also on a mission to gather his followers and get them to help him build his own place on the white canvas. As he went on to create his mark, xQc landed up hitting one of Mizkif's markers, which began an all-out battle on the subreddit, amongst the streaming community.

Providing an insight into what was going on, the Twitch content creator explained the situation to Susu when he said:

"So, xQc is currently attacking me non-stop. I am literally just trying to get to my own home, right. Imagine you wake up and you're just instantly trying to find your own place, trying to find the place you belong, and I've been doing that and he (xQc) just keeps attacking me!"

The One True King (OTK) co-founder then explained how r/Place worked:

"Here, I'll show you. So this is called r/Place, right. So, pretty much what happens is you go somewhere and click on it and you click the color green, everyone sees that and you can do it every five minutes. Okay? You do it every five minutes."

He continued:

"So, I like seven hours ago, or whatever at this point, so I put a little Peepo here and it's fun. Then all of a sudden, xQc gets off of Valorant after seventeen hours and then he starts attacking me! So, I am like, alright, you know what, let's go you know, colonize over here (pointing at a point on the canvas), you know next to my good friend Erobb. He attacks me."

Mentioning how he struggled to find the perfect place to put down his art, Mizkif went on to say that:

"So now, he's attacking me everywhere, which means Bruce (BruceDropEmOff) is attacking America, OTK's getting canceled, now we're going after here and we're attacking xQc."

The Twitch content creator called for action by rallying his chat members stating:

"So, chat, I want you to spam the living s**t out of the green and we're going to take this thing over. He (xQc) is going to lose this! One hundred percent, he's going to lose this."

Twitch chat reacts to Mizkif's crusade

The streamer's Twitch chat was in utter chaos as fans and viewers from multiple communities started to flock to his channel. A number of Juicers (name for xQc's fans) were present in his chat, attempting to misguide Mizkif's fans.

Fans reacting to the streamer's message (Images via Mizkif/Twitch Chat)
Fans reacting to the streamer's message (Images via Mizkif/Twitch Chat)

The streamer continued his offense as he dedicated most of his recent livestreaming, conquering the canvas present on r/Place. He went on to stream for more than twelve hours where he landed up competing against communities outside of the Twitch sphere.

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