Is Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls 6 development still in the pre-production phase?

Elder Scrolls 6 is likely still in the pre-production phase (Image via Bethesda)
Elder Scrolls 6 is likely still in the pre-production phase (Image via Bethesda)

There is a slight possibility that Elder Scrolls 6 might still be in the pre-production phase, with Bethesda yet to start development on it.

The speculation comes from a snapshot of a LinkedIn job posting that was taken from a Bethesda HR employee’s profile. The listing was spotted by a fair bit of Bethesda's player base, and this has led many to believe that perhaps Elder Scrolls 6 is indeed a long way away.

However, this bit of speculation is not something entirely surprising to fans, who have been waiting for the next entry to the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Bethesda is about to launch Starfield later this year, which is going to be the company’s first new IP in over 20 years.

So it’s highly likely that the developers will first see if their new title is sailing smoothly before allocating resources to the new Elder Scrolls game, the arrival of which Bethesda had originally announced during E3 2018.

When can players expect Elder Scrolls 6?


It has been almost 4 years since the title was officially announced, and by the looks of things, it doesn’t feel like it will have a launch date soon. If Bethesda’s internal development schedule is something to go by, then it’s highly likely that the next Elder Scrolls entry will not be arriving before 2027.

In a previous interview with IGN, Bethesda creative director Todd Howard hinted at the next release date for Elder Scrolls 6. He stated,

“It's going to be roughly, probably, 15 years between Elder Scrolls games."

Todds also suggests that for Bethesda, the development period for each title is roughly 4-5 years. Hence, with Starfield coming out in 2022, fans aren’t hoping for their next visit to Tamriel to be before 2027.

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